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Email is the second key component and it’s probably the most confusing.  I often hear clients say they use Yahoo, Gmail, or Cox for their email…  If you have your own website and your domain name is itxdesign.com then you should be using itxdesign.com for email.  You should never place a yahoo or any other free email address on your website.  I’m not trying to take anything away from the service that Yahoo or Gmail offers – they’re excellent/reliable solutions.  However, email is almost always included for free with any hosting account so you’re wasting money.  If your website is itxdesign.com you can have an unlimited number of email addresses that use your domain name, example bob@itxdesign.com, info@itxdesign.com.

The other important factor is that using a free email provider like yahoo to run your business is very unprofessional.  I don’t even suggest using a free email provider if you’re not running a business and you’re only looking to host a personal site.  Branding, branding, branding…  By using email accounts that end in @yourdomain.com or in this case @itxdesign.com you’re advertising your website every time you give someone your email address.  Think of all the free advertising you receive by giving someone your email address and then they’re reminder of your website every time they send you an email.

Email hosting is rather complex, however the simple version is that every time someone sends an email to *@Your Website Address it’s automatically delivered to your web hosting server (another word for powerful computer).  If you use Yahoo, Gmail or any of the other large free email providers you usually go to their website to check your email.  You simply go to a login page and put in your email address and password and then you’re able to view your email on their site.  This is called webmail because you’re viewing your email through a website.  Did you know that this is also included for free with every web hosting account?  The only difference is that when you have your own domain bob@yahoo becomes bob@Your Domain and you’re able to access webmail by going to your own website.  You have your very own built-in webmail application!

So to summarize here are the advantages of web hosting for email:

1.) You get to create your own email addresses that end in your website address

2.) You can use easy to remember email addresses like info, sales, support

3.) Every time you give out your email address or someone send you an email you’re branding or receiving free advertising of your website

4.) It’s more professional and other businesses will take you more seriously

The next section will tie everything together by explaining how your website, email, and domain all work together.

What is web hosting Part 3: DNS


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