What is the Hello Dolly WordPress Plugin Anyway?

When you install a new copy of WordPress, you get a Hello Dolly plugin with it. This plugin is a bit interesting, but it doesn’t really come with a good description. Here’s a look at what you are getting with this plugin and what you should do with it.

Understanding the Hello Dolly Plugin

Hello Dolly Plugin

The Hello Dolly plugin is pre-installed in WordPress, but you do have to activate it to use it. The plugin will display lyrics from the Hello Dolly song, which was performed by Louis Armstrong.

Hello Dolly Lyric

The description of the plugin doesn’t really tell you this as it just tell you it’s not just a plugin and it provides a look at the enthusiasm and hope of an entire generation.

For practical uses, this plugin is 100% useless and won’t do anything to boost or hurt anything on your WordPress website.

History of Hello Dolly

The Hello Dolly plugin was created by Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress. It was the first plugin every created and was introduced in May of 2004. This was also when WordPress 1.2 introduced the first plugin architecture for WordPress.

Ever since it was created, every version of WordPress installed has come with Hello Dolly pre-installed.

Is there a Purpose to the Plugin?

For SEO, function, design or any other part of your site that really matters, there is no real function. Hello Dolly has been debated highly when it comes to the core installation and whether it belongs. However, it’s still there and will probably remain.

The plugin does help new developers write plugins, but it’s not even a very good example of WordPress plugin development. The main reason the plugin still remains is tradition.

You can delete the plugin if you want or deactivate it and you should. It has become a popular place for hackers to hide malicious codes. Since this isn’t a functional plugin that really does anything for you, just delete it and you won’t have to worry about any malicious code getting hidden here when it comes to hackers.

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