Running Your Blog Like a Shark Tank Shark

Shark TankIf you’ve seen the popular TV show Shark Tank, you maybe be envious at their level of success. They seem to have it made between being millionaires that have an “in” with so many huge brands as investors on the series. In reality, these sharks are successful because they are really smart at business and know how to spot a good opportunity.

They got where they are through hard work, determination, and getting educated in the industry. When you watch the show, you may realize you can learn a lot about business and investing from the Q&A’s that go back and forth between the entrepreneurs and the sharks and sometimes they even spit out great advice that you could apply to your own business.

If you want to run your blog like a shark from Shark Tank would, you’ll need to find ways to monetize your site and learn the methods to making it successful. If you have the dedication of a shark and want to make your blog successful like the sharks would, check out these tips to run your blog like one.

Where many go wrong

BloggingIf you’ve already tried a blog or you just can’t figure out where others have gone wrong in the past, there could be many big reasons for it. Some people are making a reasonable income from their blog while others are seeing six figures. Your neighbor may be making $10 annually from their blog while a colleague of yours is making $20k.

Depending on what you do with your blog affects your income. While some may put all of their eggs in one basket such as Google Ads, others understand that diversity is more important. Some people forget to seek sponsors for side income while others are simply forgetting to reach their ideal target market. If you promote products for a blog that it doesn’t make sense with, you won’t be able to make much money. In some cases, people just give up too soon when they don’t see immediate results.

What would the sharks say?

If a shark were running a successful blog, the first thing they would do is know the product and their numbers. They want to make investments with entrepreneurs that have something valuable to offer and they want someone that won’t give up. You can apply these tips to your blog by first knowing your product in and out. Make sure you know the industry and your niche inside and out in order to best promote and monetize your blog.

In some cases, people don’t have anything of real value to offer the sharks. Make sure your product or blog doesn’t still need some work. Have something valuable to offer, whether that’s a personality for marketing, training in a special skill, or a humor that is unique. Focus on your strengths and gifts in order to best highlight them.

Mark CubanDo you understand your numbers like the Shark Tank entrepreneurs are always expect to know? If you know your conversion numbers, you may more easily be able to look at where the problem is or why they are where they are. It’s important to look at how you are marketing your business, how many items have sold, what your profit margins are, and what you are selling the product for. in some cases, you might be marketing wrong while others may be charging too little.

Lastly, make sure you aren’t giving up too soon, because just like on the Shark Tank, persistence can sometimes be what it takes to get interest. Show your passion, be outgoing, and have a great attitude in order to convince others that you are the real deal. You need to give your online business time to grow because it won’t happen overnight. Try new things and don’t be afraid to read more, reach out more, and find new ways to grow.

Look at what is working with your blog and what is not. Are you getting to know others in your niche through online forums, social media, and otherwise? Sometimes you can promote your website this way or learn what other successful people are doing that you’re not. Always be smarter and work harder than you are now and you’ll eventually get where you need to. Use these tips and you too can run your blog successfully like a shark would.

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