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Increase Your Website SEO with the Google Analyticator WordPress Plugin

google-analticator-wordpress-pluginThe Google Analyticator provides one of the best ways to track stats for your website. It works with the very powerful Google Analytics tool and your WordPress website or blog. When you install this top plugin, you will gain many benefits.

The plugin uses JavaScript to allow WordPress users to enable Google Analytics on their website. This eliminates any need for editing the code and also includes many powerful widgets, as a bonus.

The Features of the Google Analyticator Plugin

This plugin supports a number of features including:

  • Universal and traditional analytics
  • Link tracking for outbound links and those not managed by WordPress
  • Outbound link event tracking
  • Download link tracing
  • Site speed tracking
  • Localization
  • Advanced tracking codes provided by Google
  • And More!

Along with support many necessary features, the Google Analyticator plugin also provides other features, such as:

  • A widget to display your visitor stat information on the front-end
  • Admin dashboard with the previous 30 days of visitors, top pages, top searches, top referrers and a summary of site usage
  • Complete control over the features
  • Ability to hide the Google UID dropdown
  • Easily installation without your Analytics UID
  • Ability to hide the Administrator visits
  • And More!

All of these features are packed into the combination of Google Analytics and the Google Analyticator WordPress plugin. Since tracking the visitors and statistics of your website is very important, this plugin provides a great way to accomplish your goals.

How to Get Better SEO with the Plugin

google-analticator-wordpresThe power of the Google Analyticator plugin allows you to gain better SEO for your WordPress site without so much work. The data it collects and reports to the webmaster makes it easy to add, delete or change content to better serve your target market.

You will know where your visitors are coming from, which pages and posts are most popular and how your overall search engine optimization campaign is going. Some of the top benefits you gain include:

  • Access to a Powerful and Free Tool – Google Analytics is free and provides some of the best tracking tools, which are comparable to many paid software programs on the market.
  • Ability to Fine Tune your Site – With this powerful plugin and program, you will know what needs to be adjusted for better SEO.
  • No Need for Coding – Since the plugin takes care of everything for you, it’s not necessary to adjust any of the code.
  • Better Understanding of your Visitors – When you know how many of your daily visitors are new and how many are returning, along with where they came from, you gain a better understanding of your target market.

All of these benefits and many more come with the use of the Google Analyticator WordPress plugin and Google Analytics.

Requirements for Use

If you want to use this top WordPress plugin, you need to be running WordPress 3.2 or greater. You will also need a free Google Analytics account. It’s always recommended to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, but even if you’re using a past version, you can install and activate the features of this plugin.

Installation and Setup

The Google Analyticator plugin installs just like any other plugin. It only takes a few minutes to get it installed and set up is very easy, as well.

When you visit the official Google Analyticator website, you will find a set up video, which will walk you through the entire process. It’s only about three minutes long and you can have the plugin up and running in less than ten minutes.

Should You Use the Google Analyticator Plugin for WordPress?

If you want to use Google Analytics for your tracking, the Google Analyticator plugin is necessary. It will save you the time of manually inserting the code and will add some very powerful features to our WordPress dashboard.

Those looking for better SEO or to use SEO as a marketing strategy need the best possible tracking tool. Google Analytics is one of the best you will find and it’s free. With both the Analytics and the Google Analyticator WordPress Plugin, you will gain all the necessary information for better SEO on your website or blog.


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