Taking a Closer Look at the Pros and Cons of Managed VS Unmanaged Hosting

Comparing Managed VS Unmanaged Hosting

Most businesses may not be aware of the differences between managed vs unmanaged hosting.

These are two very similar, but also very different types of hosting.

We need to start by looking at what is the same between all of these and move onto what makes them so different.

Here are some of the things that you will notice are the same…

Both managed and unmanaged hosting are types of dedicated hosting and you can own your servers with both. This means you don’t have to worry about sharing a server with anybody else and you get all the resources for your own websites, blogs, and other projects. You have a better amount of control with dedicated server hosting and you get the ability to customize nearly everything to your needs.

This is pretty close to where the road ends with the similarities between managed vs unmanaged hosting. They are dedicated types of hosting and they allow you to gain all the advantages of dedicated server hosting. Past that, these are quite different types of hosting and it is necessary to really look at the differences between managed vs unmanaged hosting.

Managed VS Unmanaged Hosting – The Differences

Managed hosting is very different from unmanaged hosting and it is easy to see the differences when looking at the cost. They both allow you to buy and use your own servers, but with managed hosting you will not pay nearly as much as you will with unmanaged hosting. This is a significant difference and many companies will not be able to afford unmanaged hosting.

With managed hosting, you can buy your servers and used what is known as colocation hosting to house them. This means you hire a company to manage, monitor, update, and deal with all the significant issues with your servers. You will pay one monthly fee for this service and you can even rent extra space from them when going through a server update.

However, when you use unmanaged hosting, you have to hire your own IT team, house the servers on your own, and deal with all the technical issues on your own. This can be very difficult and very expensive. You have to pay employees, buy new servers every few years, deal with training your staff for every updated, and spend all the money that goes in to this type of hosting.

Another thing you will notice when looking at managed vs unmanaged hosting is the fact that with unmanaged hosting, you cannot rent a server. If you don’t want to buy a server, you can rent one for a monthly fee when you use managed hosting. This will give you the opportunity to take advantage of dedicated server hosting without the high initial cost of buying servers.

make your choice
Choosing between Managed VS Unmanaged Hosting

If you don’t have the budget to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for a staff, but you want the benefits of dedicated server hosting, then getting managed hosting is probably best.

This may be best for nearly every company out there and many that used to use unmanaged hosting are switching to managed hosting.

There are less limitations and responsibility with managed hosting.

On top of everything mentioned the money you save by using managed hosting can help you expand your marketing and the rest of your business however, you need to.

When you look at managed vs unmanaged hosting, you need to be sure you get what will benefit you most.

Using Managed Hosting Solutions for Your Foundation

Managed hosting solutions are the best choice for those looking for top hosting. If you know you need the best type of hosting, but you cannot afford to buy your own servers or you cannot afford to pay a staff to manage them, then you need to be aware of the managed hosting solutions you can use.

There are many choices within the hosting industry from shared hosting all the way to owning and housing dedicated servers for your hosting. Anybody that has done even a small amount of research knows how much better dedicated hosting is compared to all the other possibilities. You can get the right type of hosting for a fraction of the cost of buying and housing your own servers.

Instead of suffering through the painstaking months and years of trying to everything you need to with shared or VPS hosting, you can use one of the managed hosting solutions to give you the same benefits without the high cost of purchasing and housing your own servers. Here are the two options you have.

Renting a Server

The most affordable monthly managed hosting solution is to rent a server. You can get your server from one of the top companies starting around $150 a month. Another choice is to go with a much smaller server from a company that is not as good for around $60 and up. You want to be sure you get all the features you need and everything necessary to help you move forward with your hosting.

If you want to get the right dedicated hosting, but you are on a budget, then this will be the only one of the managed hosting solutions you may be able to afford. You have many choices to make with your hosting and using this option is a great way to be sure you get the benefits of dedicated hosting without spending a large amount of money each month.

Buying a Server

Another way to use the managed hosting solutions is to buy a server or more than one server, if necessary, and have another company house, manage, and monitor them. It is expensive to hire an IT team to deal with your servers and it may be more affordable and a better option to allow a professional company to manage your servers for you.

Instead of going through the training, updating, hiring, firing, and the monthly money you have to budget for paying the employees, you can just let another company take care of it for you. They will monitor and manage your server or servers around the clock and make sure you get the necessary updates along with everything else that is necessary.

Managed Hosting Solutions for all the Benefits You Need

Managed hosting solutions can bring you many benefits without over extending your budget.

You want to be sure this type of hosting give you everything you need for your websites and/or blogs.

You need these benefits if you want to become very successful online and if you want to have the best choice for your hosting.

There are many choices to consider and your budget does have to be considered, but you will need to look at what is going to benefit you the most when it comes to your hosting.

Hosting is very important and if you are looking for the best, just simply look into one of the above managed hosting solutions.

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