Skyrocket Your Conversions With These 5 Optimization Tips

Conversion RateWebsite traffic is great, but it doesn’t make your website worth more. You may have a high traffic website, but if your conversion rate is very low, it won’t help your business or give you much value.

You need traffic and a high conversion rate to really make your website worth money.

Whether your website is used to generate business leads, sell products or make commissions from affiliate products, you need a high conversion rate.

Here are a few tips you can use to optimize your website and increase your overall conversions.

Keep it simple and clear

A huge mistake many new website owners make is crowding the site with graphics, ads, information and more. You don’t need every bell and whistle in the world to make your website flourish.

In fact, you’re better off with a very simple website compared to a complicated, hard to read and slow-loading site.

The top websites in the world keep their message very clear and simple. They don’t provide distractions because they know what their focus is all about. This is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your website and avoid any penalties from the search engines.

Before you do anything else, consider how simple and clear your website is.

Check out the competition

As you make tweaks to help your site convert visitors into leads and sales, you should take time to look at your competition. Sometimes, your competition will show you exactly what works and you will see why it works.

In addition, you will be able to see their weaknesses and where you can beat the competition by providing more value.

Following your competition will help you see what visitors are finding when they leave your site and try to Google the same product or service or something very similar.

By looking at what your visitors see, you will be able to figure out how to better keep visitors from leaving your site for the competition.

Use A/B split testing

Increase ConversionsA very powerful way to find out how well your site is converting is to use A/B split testing for landing pages. This will allow you to pit one landing page against another and see which one converts the best.

Sometimes, you will find that changing a color, font size, image or something very small will lead to a higher conversion rate.

Take the time to create multiple versions of your landing pages and split test them. After an appropriate amount of data, you can dump the losing landing page and throw in the next one.

Some very successful websites never stop split testing as they are always trying to improve their conversion rate.

Use an incentive to create urgency

The old impulse buy used to be a candy bar in the grocery store aisle. Now, the impulse buy has moved to the internet and many websites use urgency to make sure a purchase is made by visitors.

This can help you increase your conversion rate quite a bit and help you make more sales.

Whether you use a giveaway to drive more leads or you use scarcity by letting visitors know the price will go up after so many purchases or there are only so many available, you can create urgency and drive sales. does this very well by letting users know there is only so many of a product left. Even though they will restock once they are gone, this creates urgency and drives sales.

Improve your sales funnel

Sales FunnelYour sales funnel needs to be amazing. If it’s not very efficient, you are losing potential sales along the way.

It will depend on what you are offering, but a well-planned sales funnel will help the visitor become a client, trust your company and feel comfortable with the purchase.

You should use a drip system for information, add plenty of value and offer problem-solving solutions for those not purchasing immediately. This can be done through email, social media or even through special offers.

Increasing your conversion rate is a great way to get more out of your website. Whether you are selling a product, service or trying to make commissions from affiliate products, you need more than just traffic.

Use these five tips to help increase your conversion rate and watch your website flourish.

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