Should you Consider Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress HostingYou’ve probably heard of managed WordPress hosting before, but did you know it meant or if it applies to you? Managed WordPress hosting refers to a more premium option of hosting for your WordPress site needs, coming in at a higher price tag compared to most hosting plans you’ve seen.

It’s supposed to offer a higher quality experience for your site, which is great for those that find their site is running too slow or their site can’t handle all of the features they are trying to use at once. Rather than looking through all of your hosting options to compare, just use this guide to further understand the differences between regular hosting and managed hosting to see if it’s time for you to upgrade your plan.

How do I know if I need managed hosting?

There are a few signs that make it clear for most hosting customers that it’s time to look into a better solution. Usually the biggest symptom for customers is realizing that their site is just running too slow. When your site runs fast, you probably aren’t worrying too much about performance otherwise.

Website users must have sites loading fast knowing that their customers’ attention spans are going to be low. With a slow site causing it to take more than just a few seconds to load up, it’s likely time to look at upgrading your hosting server, assuming that you’ve already ensured your site doesn’t have a different issue that would cause this.

The next symptom that could have you rethinking your hosting would be the inability to work smoothly with excessive features. You need all of those plugins and customizations that WordPress offers because they are perfect for your website, but it seems like it can’t keep up with all of the ones you’re using. It may be time for a premium hosting experience.

If you find you’re really not tech-savvy and you’re only running a website to meet customer demands, it’s a good time to consider managed hosting. You’re not going to know what to do when a tech error pops up which is why managed WordPress hosting only makes sense.

For those that love the challenge of maintaining their server, that don’t use many features, or that find their pages load quickly, their current hosting is probably all they need.

What benefits can I look forward to with managed WordPress hosting?

WordPress HostingIf you’ve decided that you are the right candidate to make the upgrade to managed WordPress hosting, you can look forward to some great benefits. You won’t have to worry about the issues listed when you have managed hosting; you’ll have the speed and support you need without any trouble.

You can look forward a fast load speed on your page because managed WordPress hosts are set up to work well with WordPress and maintain a great speed. The support is there for managed hosting making sure that your site works at its optimal quality and speed all of the time. This support also comes in handy if you’re not a tech-savvy person; managed WordPress hosting will have your back when an issue comes up that you don’t know how to handle unlike when you used shared hosting.

WordPressYou can also look forward to the ability to grow as shared hosting makes it difficult when its users see a great deal of traffic. When a large amount of traffic comes in, you won’t have to worry about your site crashing anymore. Managed hosting makes growing easy, which is perfect for a growing business.

Lastly, you probably didn’t realize that your managed WordPress hosting was also going to ensure you extra security that you weren’t getting with shared hosting. If someone tries to hack your site, you’re likely going to be better protected through your managed hosting company. They work to make sure your site is protected before an attack happens, while shared hosting leaves you way more vulnerable.

Considering managed WordPress hosting may be right for you. If you’ve realized it’s time for managed WordPress hosting, this guide will help you see where your website could be improved and how this service will correct those issues for you.

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