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The Battle of Parallels – Plesk vs Hsphere

Parallels is the company in charge of both Hsphere and Plesk control panels. When comparing Plesk vs. Hsphere, it’s important to understand the ownership of both. Since they’re both owned by the same company, they do have some things in common. However, they are both different in many ways.


hphere-small-logoFirst released in 1998 before most companies had a website, Hsphere is one of the oldest control panels on the internet today. However, this doesn’t make it the best. Sometimes experience is good, but Hsphere has become outdated over the past few years.

This control panel is designed for multi-server hosting and provides automation for BSD, Windows and Linux platforms. It comes with automated billing, a user-friendly interface and many excellent features. Hsphere is used to manage hosting plans, database platforms, ecommerce solutions and operating systems. It supports domain registrations, VIPS hosting, database hosting, email hosting and shared web hosting.



plesk-small-logoA more advanced option with a user-friendly design, support for both Windows and Linux, integrated billing, customer management, sophisticated website creation and so much more Plesk is the better of the Parallels options. Known as one of the most affordable choices in all of web hosting, Plesk makes it easy to update, configure and manage your websites from the administration area. Many integrated add-ons make it easy to customize the functionality, as well.

Business growth is the focus of the Plesk Panel and it provides the ability to install many features with just one click. You can use the up-sell feature within the commercial applications to increase profits per sale and the control panel comes with the most popular content management systems including WordPress and Joomla.

Parallels Plans for Hsphere

When Parallels bought Hsphere, in 2007, the plans were not clear. However, they made it clear in 2011, Hsphere wasn’t their main focus. Plesk 11 was introduced to replace Hsphere and provide the right solution for customers using both single server and multi-server setups.

Those on smaller Hsphere hosts can use Plesk 11 to provide the necessary features and functions for their websites and email. This system was created to help replace Hsphere on smaller hosts. However, those using a medium to large host will need to use the Multi-Server Panel designed by Parallels to replace Hsphere. This was released in 2012 and has been the subject of many positive reviews.

Why Plesk is Better than Hsphere

The reasons why the Plesk vs. Hsphere battle is clearly won by Plesk are numerous. First, Plesk 11 was designed to replace Hsphere and the company behind both has been phasing out Hsphere for quite some time. Some still use Hsphere because they’re familiar with the system, but it’s not the best option or even one of the better options when it comes to a control panel.

Hsphere was the best choice in 2007, but has since become outdated. If you just want a solid system without the newest and best features, you can still use Hsphere. However, Plesk will provide a massive upgrade and allow you to do far more with your website management than you can do with Hsphere.

Plesk looks much like Windows XP and provides a better user experience. The clustering support is better than most other control panels, making it the choice for those needing a control panel for multiple servers. Plesk also allows the administrator to setup other user accounts with four different login levels. This makes it easy to allow multiple users to perform necessary tasks on the system.

What Others Say About Hsphere and Plesk

Customers have been reviewing Hsphere for over a decade and the reviews used to be very positive. However, since the creation of Plesk and the advancements of cPanel and DirectAdmin, Hsphere has been left in the dust. No longer does it receive positive reviews and it’s hard to find a review written after 2011 about Hsphere.

The Bottom Line and the Overall Winner

When it comes to your control panel, you need a choice with plenty of functions, features and power. If you want the best, Plesk and Hsphere won’t provide it for you. CPanel is by far the top choice and the most popular control panel out there. However, if you’re set on choosing between Plesk vs. Hsphere, Plesk is the winner.

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