Getting the Best Hosting Reseller Account for Your Business

Best Web Hosting Reseller – How To
Understanding the top web hosting products and providers will help you with identifying what is already successful and what actually works best for end users — your customers.

A Great Business For Online Entrepreneurs
reseller-hosting-money-treeFor those who haven’t heard of the hosting reseller concept, there is more than one way to make a profit from web hosting and reselling is one way of doing this.  Reselling web hosting involves buying one account and taking that bandwidth and disk space amount and then reselling it to other people, who in turn become your customers.

Reseller accounts are a great way for entrepreneurs, marketers, and webmasters to break into a very profitable industry and earn money hosting websites. Since it doesn’t require you to have immense technical knowledge, pretty much anyone who knows how to surf (and market effectively!) can sell website hosting space. We provide all the support and answer questions 24/7 so you can provide your customers with top notch technical support.

For people trying to generate even greater online income, making money through Google Adsense and other similar advertising programs (Amazon, Overstock, Chikita) has been one route that many online business managers try. Often times, reselling hosting may not have occurred to them, there may not have been an inkling as to what the income producing possibilities of this business can really be — however, this can be a full-time business with a full-time income!

When it comes to the reselling business, you will need to use tools, software and hosting control panels; if you’re non-technical do not let this intimidate you.  However, keep in mind that when you’re trying to find a control panel (cPanel vs Plesk) that you like, the most important feature is — how user-friendly and simple it is.

Cpanel — Most Important Feature For You & Your Clients
CPanel is a great control panel and it includes a ton of scripts that allow you (and your customers) to install applications like Joomla, WordPress, Coppermine Image Gallery and others with just a click of your mouse — people like that. You will also have the ability for hosting streaming video and audio applications, it’s all about providing as many bells and whistles as possible.  Every web hosting account includes Softaculous or Fantastico absolutely free within your control panel and these tools are what allows you to automatically install the web’s leading software applications.

ITX Design provides you with fast and easy setup on your Reseller Hosting account which spares you a lot of hassle with getting started.

The bottom line of this business is simple — reseller hosting services give you the option of being able to host other people’s websites and make money in the process.

We prefer resellers who provide you with unlimited domains, data transfer, and disk space.  This gives you plenty of space to host your customers and the earning potential is endless — these are industry standards and are what folks are looking for.

Reseller Hosting Accounts – Linux OS The Best?

Reseller Hosting Accounts | Windows Servers
microsoft-windows-reseller-hostingReseller windows hosting refers to reseller accounts which are purchased by entrepreneurs, using Windows as their operating system. This form of hosting is easy to manage and you do not need an extensive technical knowledge to take advantage of it.  However, although Windows is the leader in Desktop Computing it has fallen behind the curve in shared web hosting.  Linux is actually much more stable and it supports a wider variety of tools.  However, don’t panic as you never have to actually use Linux.  It’s just the engine under the hood that keeps your websites online.

Whether you are running a small, big or medium scale reseller business, this type of hosting (Linux) is very beneficial in many ways.  We’ll go over that in detail below of why we think it’s better in the long run to use this OS.

Windows Vs. Linux (Reseller Hosting Accounts)
Various Linux reseller web hosting programs are preferred over Windows hosting due to several major benefits.

Reseller Linux hosting services provide several free tools which make your hosting economical.  There are many features, one can access hosting all type of websites, the cost is less and there is no maintenance, you should choose a hosting plan according to your own specific needs.  When starting a reseller business, go over the numbers, start small, and create a business plan to ensure success.  Linux hosting is much cheaper even though it provides you with greater benefits.  We recommend that your reseller hosting accounts be powered by Linux!

Large Interconnected Databases
If you need to manage a huge database then LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL, and PHP) hosting is best suited. Linux servers will prove to be a helpful tool for you to integrate data from various databases. Using Linux shared hosting for large data management is the top solution. You do not need to open separate accounts for maintaining the databases of your clients with Linux.

Cpanel Hosting
reseller-hosting-with-cpanelLinux reseller hosting accounts are provided with cpanel which makes hosting simple and you can manage your applications easily through the control panel. You can run many applications at the same time on the server without any interruption.

Finding Your Best Unlimited Reseller Hosting Choice

What do people mean when they say “unlimited reseller hosting“?  In general, they mean a reseller hosting account which conveys unlimited amounts of domains to the end user from the reseller.  Offering these types of hosting plans with your reseller business gives you flexibility and the ability to offer your clients this nice feature, one that especially appeals to online bloggers and marketers.

In the past few years, the business of reseller hosting has emerged as one of the most interesting and unique online business ideas among young entrepreneurs. If you are a business person and want to invest in this kind of  business where you work with a big brand name host and, yet, at the same time work independently with your customers as well, then the business of reseller web hosting might just be right for you.

Here, you will get a chance to earn a good amount of profit, while your big partner does a lot of the work for you — and that’s smart business.

Unlimited Reseller Hosting – The Basics
Let’s get into the details of the reseller hosting business model. If you are a reseller then you will purchase web space from a larger partner hosting company, you simply have to pay the nominal wholesale price for getting the web space from the hosting company. Then, as the middleman, you will not only get the web space but at the same time you will also get the associated services of the host, the same ones that the original company offers to its clients but in this case the clients will be your own.

Once you purchase the web space you will resell it to new customers who require the space, just like it was your own server space. For the most part it will be website owners who need this kind of space, marketers, publishers, and businesses. You will turn around and sell this server space (with unlimited domains as a feature) at a higher price than what you bought it for.  Therefore, you are acting as the middleman here, as the real service (and headaches, support, and overhead) belongs to the main hosting service provider.

The real job of a reseller is to go out and get new hosting business.  As long as you bring in new business you will thrive.

Illustrative Business Example (Unlimited Reseller Hosting Sample Plan)
reseller-hosting-business-planSay for example, you have purchased 1000MB web space from the original company at the rate of $5 per month. Now, you can further divide this 1000MB into many parts; say you divide it into 10 parts each of 100MB. Now you can sell this 100MB web space to your clients at $ 10 per month.

So, if you sell 100MB web space to 10 people you get a net income of $ 95 per month. So, you can see that by just paying $5 per month you get a return of $95.

When you get into the unlimited reseller hosting business you have to stay in constant contact with your customers as well as the original web host company.  According to the needs of your clients you can change their plans and satisfy their requirements, keep them happy, and keep the profits pouring in.

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