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cpanel-small-logoHsphere vs cPanel, Which One Should You Choose?

The winner between Hsphere vs. cPanel is easy to spot, but it’s still necessary to look at your options. Hsphere is nearly a dead control panel and most experts will tell you it’s a horrible choice. However, sometimes it’s better to look at the research before you make your final decision.

The Differences are Clear

Five years ago, you may have found threads in top internet marketing and hosting forums talking about how great Hsphere is, but these threads are outdated, at best. The only reason a hosting company offers Hsphere anymore is due to the super cheap price. As with most things, you get what you pay for and a hosting company only willing to pay for Hsphere doesn’t offer the best features for the end user.

With cPanel, you get the best of the best, updated regularly. This is one of the most popular control panels and anything Hsphere does, cPanel does better. Along with doing it better, cPanel offers more features, more customizations, better security and it’s much easier to use.

hsphere-circle-logoFeatures of Hsphere

Hsphere offers all of the following:

  • Built-in billing system
  • Works with multiple hosting types
  • Email management
  • Integrated support center
  • Multi-user tools
  • Integrated PHP/MySQL

The limits of Hsphere make it one of the worst control panel choices on the market.

Features of CPanel

CPanel offers all the same features of Hsphere and so much more, including:

  • Server configuration
  • Full support
  • Installed FrontPage extensions
  • Multi-user functionality
  • Full security center
  • Multiple themes
  • Network setup
  • Easy transfers
  • DNS functions
  • SQL services
  • IP functions
  • Service configuration
  • Full backup
  • SSL/TLS options
  • Easy-to-use admin area
  • Custom options
  • 100s of free scripts
  • And More!

This feature-rich control panel makes it easy for the beginner and advanced user to get exactly what they need from their control panel.

Hsphere has Many Disadvantages

pros-vs-cons-hsphere-vs-cpanelWhile cPanel may have a few disadvantages for some users, it’s designed to fit the needs of most users, whereas Hsphere doesn’t. The new users will find Hsphere hard to use and overwhelming because it has too many unnecessary features. Hsphere will also use more of the resources of a server than cPanel does, and it’s designed more for use on clusters, not single servers.

A massive disadvantage, which many reviewers have pointed out, Hsphere uses JavaScript. Another issue is the lack of a good tool for backup with Hsphere. Editing your files with Hsphere also provides issues because you’re limited to only .txt and .html files without line numbers in the edit mode. This puts limits on PHP and other file editing.

Advantages of cPanel over Hsphere

The advantages of choosing a hosting company with cPanel over one with Hsphere are numerous. CPanel is by far the most popular control panel choice and provides plenty of resources for support. Whether you need a full guide, a simple how-to or any other type of resource for cPanel, you can find it with a simple Google search.

With many add-ons offered inside the admin area of cPanel, it’s far more powerful than Hsphere. From auto installers to scripts to upgrades, you will find many great add-ons within the system.

CPanel also comes with WHM or WebHost Manager, which provides the necessary managing for resellers of hosting accounts. This makes the task of reselling hosting much easier than any other options on the market. If you’re a reseller or looking to become one, a hosting account with cPanel is the best choice because of the WHM option.

The Overall Comparison

When looking at Hsphere vs. cPanel, it’s easy to see which is the best choice. Five years ago, it may have been different, but the times have changed. Hsphere is still a solid choice for your control panel, if you don’t want the latest technology and the best choice.

Parallels, the company responsible for creating Hsphere, gave up on the product and started to develop something else to replace it. However, nothing has been released yet. With so many other control panels owned by the same company, it seems as though Hsphere has been neglected. It’s outdated and no longer ahead of the times.

CPanel, on the other hand, is updated regularly, provides all the latest technology and gives webmasters excellent customizability and usability. Overall, when you look at the Hsphere vs. cPanel debate, the winner is cPanel.


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