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painting-websitesTen Reasons You Need a Website for Your Painting Business

It may not seem like a website is necessary for a local painting business. However, if you don’t use a website to gain customers, you may be missing out on growth.

There are a number of great reasons to start a website if you run a painting business of any type. Whether you paint homes or create artwork, a website can provide a new avenue for profits. Here are ten reasons you need a website to represent your painting business online.

1. Gain a Competitive Advantage

If you don’t have a website, but your competition does, you’re losing money. However, if you do have a website, you can gain new business instead of losing it to your competition.

2. Reach a Larger Audience

With the world turning to the internet for just about everything they plan to spend money on, you can reach a larger audience with a website. Your brick and mortar business doesn’t have much reach, but a website is worldwide. Even if you only provide a local service, your website has the ability to reach much further than just a sign in front of your business.

3. Lower Overhead

Since you can literally run a painting business out of your garage, you can use a website to lower your overhead. You won’t get much foot traffic if you run your painting business from home, but a website can help you gain some of that traffic without the high cost of an actual building for your business.

4. Professional Image

Many painters end up in public situations covered in paint because it’s their job. This doesn’t always lend itself to a very professional image. A website can help make you look more professional. You can include the URL on your business cards, which help give potential customers the peace of mind necessary to hire you.

5. Opens Up New Marketing Opportunities

Without a website, you’re limited to only offline marketing methods, such as an expensive billboard, bus bench ads, newspaper ads, listing in the yellow pages, direct mail campaigns, TV and radio. These can all become very expensive, very fast.

However, with a website, you unlock a number of different marketing opportunities and many of them are very inexpensive. Some of the advertising potential is actually free, especially if you use a blog.

6. Creates Better Word of Mouth

Word of mouth has been the most powerful type of advertising for centuries. However, social media has changed how it works and made it even more powerful. Imagine finishing a painting job and your client shares your work all over their Facebook profile and other social media accounts. If you have a website, they may include a link to it and you could receive a large volume of referral business as a result.

7. Provides 24/7 Access to Your Business Information

You cannot possibly run a 24/7 painting business without a number of employees. However, when your doors close for the day, your website stays open. This allows potential customers to gain access to important information, regardless of the time of day.

8. Makes you Relevant

Younger generations won’t even consider spending money with a business that isn’t found online. The world has changed and many of the soon-to-be household decision makers use the internet for every buying decision they make. If you’re not found online, you won’t be relevant, even locally.

9. Builds Trust and Credibility

A painting website provides an opportunity to build trust and credibility, nearly automatically. When somebody sees your ad, hears your company name or searches for a painting business in their area, your website will provide exactly what they need, if you’re listed in the search engine they use. The trust and credibility of the search engine is passed on to your website because they found you there.

10. Provides an Opportunity for Growth

It doesn’t matter how big or small your painting business is, a website allows you to grow at your own pace. Your painting website makes your business scalable. You can fill up all your working time with paying jobs and even reach the point where you need to hire other workers to help.

Starting your own painting website provides a number of benefits. It all starts with the right hosting company and a plan. ITX Design provides the best hosting for your new website. Start today with one of our affordable hosting packages and grow your business to the next level.

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