Marketing Your Blog with SlideShare

SlideShareMaking your blog successful takes time, effort and creative marketing solutions. SlideShare provides an interesting way to market your blog outside of the normal social media choices, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube.

What is SlideShare?

SlideShare has been ranked at one of the top 200 most visited websites for a while now. It receives a ton of traffic from business owners and it’s one of the largest sites for content sharing when it comes to business professionals.

The website allows users to upload and view infographics, PowerPoint, and other types of presentations. People from all over the world add content about different industries.

It’s a great place for professional content about law, leadership, software, business, social media and a number of other topics. The presentations are very quick and to the point, which makes them appealing to entrepreneurs.

Why You Should Use SlideShare for Your Blog

Blog MarketingThere are several good reasons to use SlideShare to market your blog.

Of course, the main reason is the 70 million users the site has and the fact that more than 80% of their traffic comes from Google search. With the right titles and tags, you can easily get your content ranked high on Google through SlideShare.

Other reasons to use SlideShare to market your blog include:

  • Demographics – Unlike many social media platforms, SlideShare has a very professional demographic. This works out well for those targeting business owners and not the everyday consumer.
  • Less Competitive – While SlideShare is large, it’s not YouTube large or Facebook large. This means less competition when you put content online there.
  • User Friendly – If you know how to create a PowerPoint, you can easily use SlideShare.
  • Visual, Audio and Written Content – You don’t just create a slideshow on SlideShare. You can add audio, visual and written content to better reach your target market.

These are just the main reasons you should be using SlideShare to market your blog. It’s a great tool for branding and sharing, especially if you target business professionals.

SlideShare Content Creation

Successfully marketing on SlideShare means you will need to create click-worthy presentations. This is much like any other type of content marketing, as the titles and tags make a big difference.

For bloggers, using SlideShare should be very easy. You can simply add a presentation as an outline of the information you put into a blog post. Just do this in a slideshow, .pdf or infographic, and you’re all set.

Marketing Tips for SlideShare

SlideShare ContentThe best way to use SlideShare is just like any other type of content marketing service. You want to make sure you follow a few tips including:

  • Short and Simple – Keep your message short and to the point. You want to provide important information for views and get to the point.
  • Quality Matters – As with any content, quality matters. You have to provide great quality to really gain the benefits of SlideShare.
  • Unique – Anytime you can provide something unique, you will get more out of SlideShare than just regurgitating the same thing others have already done.
  • Value – Readers and viewers always need plenty of value out of any form of content. SlideShare users are no different.

Use these tips and you will be able to take advantage of the SlideShare platform.

As a blogger, if you cover any type of topic business professionals would be interested in, you should be using SlideShare. It’s one of the best choices for your target audience and you won’t have to compete with the huge user base like you have to on YouTube, Facebook and other websites.

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