How can you Quickly Improve your Online Store?

Online StoreIf you run an online store, sometimes improving it can improve your overall conversions. There are many ways to improve your store and make it easier on your visitors to order from you. Here are a few ways you can quickly make your online store better.

Try Different Layouts

When you choose different layouts and you test them out, you may find that one works far better than another. This can lead you to the right choice for your specific needs. Some layouts will waste space and won’t convert as well as others. If you want the best possible ROI, test a few different layouts to see how they convert.

Show your Shipping Price Early in the Transaction

Shipping PriceThe last thing you want is for visitors to go through the entire transaction process just to find out they cannot afford or don’t want to pay your shipping price. Instead of letting this happen, show the shipping early in the transaction, so they know what they are getting into. This will help your customers understand what’s necessary.

Build a List of Email Subscribers

A one-time customer is great, but a lifetime customer is better. When you create an email list, you have the opportunity to turn the one-time sales into multiple sales. The right email marketing campaign can turn a $20 sale into a $500 customer over the entire year.

Include Social Media

Allowing your visitors to share your product pages, posts and other content on your site can help create a buzz. This allows your customers to become your promotional army and help drive more sales to your online store.

Make your Contact Information Easy to Find

Contact InformationYour contact information is very important. If it’s not easy to find, customers may not trust your site. They need to be able to easily call your company if they have a question. You should also give them an option to contact you via email and a live chat option, if possible.

These are just a few of the ways you can improve your online store quickly. Some with provide you with a higher ROI, while others will make your customers happier.

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