Is there a Way to Automatically Share Old Posts in WordPress?

Sharing old blog posts can give them new life. Sometimes, when a season rolls around again or you just want to boost the visitors to a specific blog posts, sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites can help you reach your goal.

There are many benefits that come along with sharing your old blog posts, but it’s a tedious task to do manually. Here’s how you can do this automatically instead of going into each posts and sharing it across social media sites again.

Using the Revive Old Posts WordPress Plugin

Revive Old Posts

With the Revive Old Posts WordPress Plugin, you can automatically share old posts on social sites. The plugin needs to be installed and activated first. Be aware that if you download this plugin before installing it, the folder will actually be called tweet-old-post. This is the old name for the plugin, which has been changed.

Tweet Old Post

Once installed, the plugin will create a menu item in your WordPress Dashboard called “Revive Old Post.”

Revive Old Posts Menu

Within the menu, you can connect the plugin to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Add Social Accounts

After following the instructions and connecting these accounts to the plugin, you will be all set and ready to share old posts. You can also upgrade to the premium version for $24.99 per website to gain extra features, such as adding multiple accounts and posting with an image.

Other settings you will want to look at configuring include:

  • Post Content – What you will share on the sites
  • Post Content Custom Fields – Any custom fields you want to share
  • Additional Text – Anything else you want to add to the post
  • Additional Text At – Where do you want to put the additional text you add
  • Include Link – Do you want to link back to your post?
  • And More!

If you only want to share posts from specific categories, this is possible, too. You can scroll down to the bottom of the plugin configuration page and check the categories you want to exclude.

Exclude Categories

This option allows you to keep your old posts more targeted to the community you have created on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Setting up these options won’t take very long and once you have it all set up, you can click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.


The Buttons at the Bottom of the Plugin Page

There are five buttons you can use at the bottom of the page.



The “reset” button will set all your options back to the defaults, while the “save” button will save any changes you have made to the plugin configurations. With the “see sample post” button, you will get to see a preview of what the post will look like and you will get an option to share it with the “share now” button.

Share Now

The other two buttons at the bottom of the page are used to either start the sharing or stop the sharing. If you want to start automatically allowing the plugin to share your old blog posts, you will need to click the “start sharing” button. At any time, you can click the “stop sharing” button to keep the plugin from sharing old posts.

Excluding Posts from Sharing

The Revive Old Post plugin also comes with an option to “exclude posts” from being shared. If you have old posts you simply don’t want to share, you can click on this option, check the box next to the post and click the “Exclude Selected” button.

Exclude Selected

Sharing old posts is a very powerful way to gain new blog followers, visitors and more profits. However, doing this manually is difficult and takes up quite a bit of time. Gaining the benefits of sharing old blog posts with your community doesn’t have to be so difficult.

If you’re looking for an easy way to share old blog posts from your WordPress website, this plugin will help you do exactly that. Once it’s set up, you won’t have to worry about manually sharing your old blog posts. It will happen automatically with the Revive Old Post plugin.

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