How can you Edit Thumbnails in WordPress Posts?

The automated WordPress post thumbnail sizes can be quite annoying. It can cause your featured image to be cropped wrong and look strange. However, there is a way to fix this issue. Here’s how you can crop your featured images and get the most out of them in WordPress.

Using the Post Thumbnail Editor Plugin for WordPress

Post Thumbnail Editor Plugin for WordPress

You will want to start by installing and activating the Post Thumbnail Editor Plugin. Once activated you will be able to use the plugin within a new post or within an existing post you need to edit.

Start by going to the Featured Image section and upload your image.

Featured Image Section

After you have set the featured image, you will see a link called, “Post Thumbnail Editor,” below the featured image.

Featured Image With Editor

This link will allow you to use the plugin to edit the featured image.

Edit Featured Image

You will be able to edit the size, crop as needed and make other changes to the featured image here. Simple cropping is done by taking the mouse over the image and dragging it across the area you would like to crop.

Cropped Image

You can even use this plugin to edit older thumbnails by going to Media>>Library. From here, just roll your mouse over any of the images and you will have a new “thumbnails” option to use for editing thumbnails of older images.

Just click this link and you will be taken into the post thumbnail editor to edit the older image.

It’s important to note that you will only be changing the image size you select from the right hand column. The original image will still be available.

This is the easiest way to change the size of your featured image and make sure it’s cropped to fit your specific needs. If you use images with every post or just want to have more options with your images, use the Post Thumbnail Editor plugin for WordPress.

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