Which WordPress Plugins are Best for Site Search?

Finding the right plugins for your WordPress website is always important. If you’re looking for a way to improve the site search, you need the right plugins. Here are a few of the best choices for WordPress site search.

SearchWP Plugin


The SearchWP Plugin may be the best for adding custom search options to your WordPress website. It will instantly change and improve the WordPress Search with many different options. The plugin provides the fastest way for users to find content on a WordPress website.

Along with improving search, the plugin will help by reducing your bounce rate, increasing conversions and so much more. It works right out of the box and doesn’t need any configurations. All you do is install and activate the plugin to get the best possible search on your WordPress website.

Voice Search Plugin

Voice Search

Adding the Voice Search Plugin to your WordPress website will allow you to give users a better experience. It won’t work with all browsers, just yet, but it does work with Chrome and Safari. The plugin will add the microphone icon to the regular WordPress Search and allow users to activate voice search from it.

Category Wise Search Plugin

Category Wise Search

When you add the Category Wise Search Plugin to your WordPress website, you allow visitors an easier way to search. They can search by category, while you can set the default category, exclude categories and much more. The plugin gives you a widget to add to your sidebar for searching.

Swiftype Plugin


The Swiftype Plugin provides a great choice for taking control of your search. You can customize the result rankings, add autocomplete to your search and much more. It’s built to make it easy to search on mobile devices and provides real-time analytics.

Simply Exclude

Simply Exclude

Providing an interface to allow you to include or exclude taxonomies, users and post types, the Simply Exclude Plugin may help you with your WordPress search. It’s not necessary for everybody, but for some sites, this plugin will allow you to do exactly what you need.

These are a few of the many great search plugins for your WordPress website. Whether you want to fully customize the search for your site or you just want to make a few small adjustments, there’s a plugin for you.

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