Creative Ways to Monetize your WordPress Blog

Monetize a WordPress BlogMost people treat their blog as a source of income but it can be challenging to make money from blogs with so much competition to get noticed. Anyone with an internet connection can create a blog which makes it more challenging to beat others in search rankings and build your following. Earning a living online is challenging but it can be done.

Sometimes you have to resort to multiple sources of income to make a living wage from your online businesses and now there are some creative ways to make your blog more profitable. It’s not enough to simply get clicks; you need to keep your readers interested to monetize your traffic. From writing an Ebook to selling email promotions, here is a look at creative ways to make money from your WordPress blog that you may not have thought of before.

Online coaching services or online courses

One route to make money from your blog is to offer online coaching services or online courses. Coaching is a lucrative business of any kind because you can charge up to $100 per hour for your coaching services. Coaching gives you a chance to create bonds with students, build your reputation as an authority on a topic, and you can understand more deeply your audience’s biggest needs. Plus, after some time you can take a break from coaching or raise your rates. You can do this over the phone and plan to do some research before speaking again to help them solve their problems.

Creating an online course is a great way to make money because you can sell them to people that need their hand held through the process, trust your knowledge enough to buy it, want more access to you, and want the results of the teaching faster. You’ll just need to make sure you provide logical steps to achieve the objectives, have them take action through downloading worksheets, incorporate videos, and provide the information orally and visually.

Write an Ebook

Blog MonetizationPerhaps you have enough information to share with the world that requires an Ebook to have a place to say it all. This is an easy way to make money because you only create the book one time and it doesn’t cost you anything to do it, you are sharing knowledge you’ve already acquired, and you can sell them on multiple platforms like Amazon.

You’ll build your authority and your Ebook will give you a passive income. Just choose a topic, create an outline, block out time daily to write, transfer it to an ebook template and design or photoshop your cover to a 3D ebook image. Promote the ebook and you’ll be making money on a regular basis for work that is already done.

Promote affiliate products

When you recommend products online, you tell your audience why they need something in their life that relates to your niche. This is an easy way to work with an affiliate to promote products you already like to get others to buy it and receive a commission. Do you have current content where you’ve mentioned a product or service that you could add an affiliate’s page? Start finding opportunities for products you use or want to use and go from there. When you use a product, promote it, and work with sites that sell it, you can receive income for mentioning it and referring your audience to buy it too.

Selling email promotions

WordPress BlogMaybe you’d like to try selling email promotions. With a nice size email list, you can work with that traffic anytime you’d like under your control. Offer to promote others’ content to your email list for a fee. Filter the content to make sure it’s the best quality for your readers. Warn subscribers that you’ll be promoting other people’s posts so that they feel a sense of transparency and then list it as your sponsored blog post. You’ll be helping other bloggers get their name out there while giving your audience even more content to enjoy.

Lastly, consider adding a membership area to your blog where members get premium content for their monthly fee, start a private form, host surveys from other websites, or start selling your own physical products. These are great ways to add income along with your advertising space that will allow your blog to make a profit in multiple ways.

Implement these changes slowly but surely and your viewers won’t even notice that their visits are making you a profit; they will simply view it as more ways that you are helping your visitors through your blog’s content, advertisements, coaching possibilities, ebooks, online courses, and great new products for sale.

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