Can you Still Monetize your Website with Ad Blockers Present?

Ad BlockerYou may believe that the only way to monetize your website is to have ads. What happens when your customers have ad blockers present and can’t see the ads that are supposed to be making you a profit? You can still make money when ad blockers are present even if they’ve done some damage to your income.

Ad blocking has cost publishers almost $22 billion just this year but publishers are starting to actually pay popular ad blockers to unblock the ads. Unless you’re as big as Google or Amazon, you probably can’t afford to go this route but there other ways to handle the problem so that your business doesn’t suffer. Unless you plan to as your loyal audience to allow ads on your website, here are some ideas to handle the situation.

Email newsletters

NewsletterUse your email newsletters to make your money. You can monetize the newsletter by charging a subscription fee for the full content after you’ve given them a small taste of it for free. You can target your audience through Launchbit, similar to Google AdWords, or target your customers again through AdRoll and Meteora in order to remind them of your service or product.

Try selling ad space within the email’s body with the hopes that it doesn’t get blocked as well. Your newsletters’ intent is to add value to your subscriber by offering fresh content in the attempts to get them to head to your website for even more content and information.

Use sponsored articles

If you can’t make money with your ads, you may be able to do what other publishers have done which is to write or publish sponsored content. These types of articles work by having you write an article for payment, which means you are still getting money for the article even if you aren’t making money for the advertisements on the site.

When you have a strong social media presence or email newsletter, you can promote the sponsored article more easily which helps the advertiser. Just make sure you work within Google’s guidelines by providing a disclosure in the article, a tracking URL or a URL shortener. This ensures that the SEO of the publisher and advertiser aren’t damaged since Google may not consider it a natural link.

Affiliate Partnerships

Another way to make money outside of advertisement is to monetize the site through affiliate marketing. If you write an Amazon review on your site and offer a link to the product which leads to someone buying the product, you’ll receive a commission.


Monetize Your WebsitePerhaps it’s time to offer a paid subscription service. Have your audience decide for themselves if they want to enjoy the content for free with ads or pay for a subscription that would remove the ads. This is a common trend with sites like Spotify and Hulu who offer a premium price for an ad-free experience.

When your website’s profit is taking a hit due to ad blockers, try these other clever ways to make money on your website that will still offer you a reliable income outside of the realm of advertisements.

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