How to Repurpose Old Blog Content

Repurpose contentBloggers need a great content strategy and it should include repurposing old blog content. Just because you posted it last year or five years ago doesn’t mean it’s not relevant today. Even if it’s not relevant, a little update could turn an old post into a traffic-generating new post.

Your content provides an incredible asset. It took you time to create and you need to get the most out of it. With the right repurposing strategy for old blog content, you can grab more attention for your website. Here are a few ways you can recycle old blog content for leads today.

Use a Reviving Plugin/Extension

Sometimes, old content just needs to make its way around social media again. If it’s a post about tips, tricks or a how to, it’s probably still relevant, even if it’s a year old or older. With a plugin, such as the Revive old post plugin for WordPress, you can automatically share old blog posts a second time.

Even if you have to do this manually, it doesn’t take much time to go through and reshare your old content. Sharing a few older posts each week mixed in with a couple of newer posts can be very powerful. You will give the older content the opportunity to gather more traffic and bring more attention to your blog, while the new content keeps your audience happy.

Update and Reshare Old Posts

Another great strategy for repurposing old blog content is to update posts that have become outdated. For example, if you wrote about a huge music festival last year and that same event will be held this year, update the post for this year’s event and reshare it. This can also be done with news stories and other types of posts where updates may be necessary to make the content good again.

Write a Roundup Post

Repurpose Old ContentYou’ve probably seen this type of posts on other websites before. Usually, it’s something like, “Our Top 5 Posts from 2016” or something similar. You can do this every month and share the most viewed posts from the month or even from the same month last year.

When you do a roundup post, you give every post found within the most a chance to shine again. You might just grab readers and show them something they didn’t even know they missed.

Create a Book from a Series

If you wrote a series of blog posts on the same topic, you can package it into an eBook and give it away. This is a great way to draw in new subscribers and reshare your old content. Sometimes, you can even do this and sell the book for a profit

Turn Old Blogs into a Series of Emails

Another way to grab new subscribers and give them something of value is to take old blog posts and turn them into a series of emails. This could be packages as a weekly or monthly thing where the subscriber will receive something new every few days within the series.

Saving Time and Money by Repurposing Content

Save TimeWhen you repurpose content, you will have the opportunity to save time and money. It can be hard to come up with new content a few times a week and by repurposing old content you won’t have to pay a writer as much and you won’t need to spend time writing or posting something new.

Many plugins and extensions can help with the sharing part of repurposing content and some may even help with other parts of the process. When you have blog posts that used to gain a ton of traffic, but have been buried on your site with just a trickle coming in now, you can repurpose those posts into something valuable.

If you want to gain more traffic and use the content you already have, learn how to repurpose old blog content for traffic today.

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