Can you Move Comments from One Post to Another in WordPress?

Moving comments may not seem like something you will need to do that often, but it may pop up every now and then. If you create a new version of an old post in WordPress, you may need to move the old comments to the new post. This isn’t an easy task, without the right tools. Here’s how you can move a comment from one post to another in WordPress.

Using the Tako Movable Comments Plugin for WordPress

Before you do anything else, you will need to install and activate the Tako Movable Comments Plugin for WordPress. This plugin will give you the ability to moves comments from one post to another and to custom post types.

After you have installed the plugin, go to the comment section of your WordPress dashboard. Choose the edit option on the comment you would like to move.

Edit Comment

On this screen, you will need to scroll all the way down to the bottom. This is where you will find the “Move Comment with Tako Box” option, which you can use to move your comment to another post.

Move Comment With Tako

The first dropdown menu will allow you to choose the post type you want to move the comment to.

First Dropdown

The second dropdown allows you to choose the actual post you want to move the comment to.

Second Dropdown

After you are happy with your selections, just click on the “update” button and the comment will be moved.

Update Button

How to Find Moved Comments

After you move a comment, you may be curious to know how you can find it. The easiest way to find the comment is to search by the author name.

Author Name Comment

Another way to find the comment is to go to the actual post on your website. If you are logged in to WordPress, the comments should have an edit option next to them below the post.

Now you know how to move comments from one post to another. If you create a new version of the post and you need to move comments from the old version, this is the easiest way to do it in WordPress.

3 Responses to Can you Move Comments from One Post to Another in WordPress?

  1. strusel

    I cant get this to work. I’ve tried moving comments to pages and posts, and nothing happens after the update, it just stays the same. It might be because the plugin is not compatible with the newer version of wordpress. But I just thought I would let you know. thanks

    • Stephanie Schoolfield

      We were able to use it without any real issues. Perhaps you can find a wordpress expert on clarity our outsource the task on odesk. It would probably very inexpensive to have an expert install it and figure out what’s wrong. Good Luck! Is anyone else having issues with this plugin that they’d like to report?

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