Can NoFollow Links be Added to the WordPress Navigation Menus?

Nofollow link tags are very important for different types of external inks. Many WordPress users want to add this attribute to links found in the navigation menu and it’s possible.

Adding the nofollow attribute to a regular link in WordPress is simple. However, the process of adding this attribute to the links in your navigation menu is a bit more involved. Here’s a quick guide to help you add the nofollow attribute to your WordPress navigation menu links.

The first step is to add external links to your navigation menu just like you would add any regular custom link. Go to Appearance>>Menus and use the “Links” section to add your custom links.

Links Section

Simply enter the URL of the link you want to use and the text you want linked. Then, click the “Add to Menu” button.

Add To Menu

The link you created will now appear in your “Menu Structure” column. You can change the attributes of the link by finding it and clicking on the downward arrow to expand the menu.

Downward Arrow

Now, you need to click on the “Screen Options” menu found under your user name at the top right of your screen.

Screen Options

From this menu, you need to make sure to check the “Link Target” and the “Link Relationship (XFN)” options.

Link Target Options

Once you have selected these two options, you can scroll down to the link you want to add the nofollow attribute to. You will find two new options within the menu, which include the option open link in a new window/tab and the link relationship option.

Link Options NoFollow

Enter “nofollow” into the box for “Link Relationship (XFN)” and you can also check the box if you want the link to open in a new window or tab. Just click the “Save Menu” button and you’re all set.

If you want to make sure it worked, you can check your site by either using the “inspect element” option or the “view source” option in your browser.

Now you know how to add the nofollow link attribute to your WordPress navigation menu for external links. This is a very helpful tool for SEO and other purposes.

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