Can Bloggers Really Learn about Content from The Bachelor?

The BachelorThe reality TV series known as the Bachelor is one of the most popular and well-known shows on TV since 2002 when it first aired. The idea behind the show is to match a man up with his perfect match by introducing him to 25 nearly perfect options that he dates in group scenarios and individually as he narrows down his selection.

Women are sent home each week as the Bachelor decides who he doesn’t see a connection with until one is left at the very end. Finding true love and a woman to spend the rest of his life with is the goal of the popular Bachelor show and the concept behind the show is starting to trickle into a lesson for other areas of life.

In fact, bloggers are noticing that the idea behind capturing an audience’s attention, providing content that holds a viewer’s interest and making an audience want to come back for more is the key behind the show and what should be the idea behind a blog. Here is a look at how this interest reality series is teaching something to bloggers.

Developing Interesting Content

Bloggers can see by watching and studying the success behind The Bachelor that there is something to be said for great content. It starts with developing the right personas and the show does this by choosing a variety of different personalities in order to help viewers find one t be relatable. There is typically an athletic tomboy woman on the show, a teacher, a woman that loves to hair and makeup, a single mother, and more lifestyles that can seem relatable for a viewer at home.

Some of the girls are quiet and reserved while others may be loud or hilarious. You’ll also find women from all over the country with a variety of backgrounds and looks that will appeal to just about anyone. By creating user personas like The Bachelor, you’ll find that you can attract almost any reader or visitor to your site.

Something Simple, Something Deep and Something Simply Beautiful

Simply BeautifulSometimes the contestants on The Bachelor are going to have a deep personality in which they have interesting views on religion, life or philosophy. This will lead to meaningful conversations with The Bachelor while other women will have much simpler personas. These women prefer to have fun, they are easy to be around and they don’t cause trouble when The Bachelor makes a decision.

Then, there are the contestants with neither going on that are just simply beautiful to look at. They may be a tad dramatic, a tad fun and a little bit deep, but overall, they are noticed for their beauty. This idea can be applied to bloggers in that their sites are going to remain interesting by having pieces that are deep, detailed guides that will make your visitor think; pieces that are short, to the point and give your reader a break from the more complicated pieces; and there will be times that your site could simply use something beautiful to look at, like an infographic.

Make Them Want to Come Back for More

A great show of any kind will leave viewers with a cliffhanger. Reality shows love to keep the viewer hanging and wondering what is going to happen next. This may be a date that goes well but you don’t get to see if it ended in a kiss, or this could be a rose ceremony in which there are two girls left to choose from and the show ends for the night until next week.

Use this brilliant concept on your readers by writing articles series in parts 1,2 and 3 or by putting a teaser at the end of a piece that says something to suggest the reader will need to come back in a week to read more on the topic. You could also require that your readers sign up for your mailing list to read the rest of your content.

Find Out Which Ones Your Readers Love the Most

Top ContentOne of the reasons The Bachelor is a fun show is that viewers become a fan of a particular girl or two that they want to be the winner. They attach to the girl and want them to win it all because of their great looks, their deep and meaningful personality and their ability to have fun. They fall in love with the connection between The Bachelor and the girl.

You can use this on your website by setting up a scenario in which your visitors will root for their favorite. Set your website up to have a poll used where visitors can vote on favorite articles. Another route is to let people vote for their favorite customer of yours by highlighting them in a short story where the finalists win a prize.

Watch The Bachelor to see how the network has found a way to not only capture an audience’s attention, but to get them interested in the same scenario season after season for over a decade now and apply it to your website to become an even better blogger.

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