Always Be Mindful of Cheap Domains For Sale and What You’re Really Getting For Your Hard Earned Money

Cheap Domains For Sale are Not Always the Best Choice

There is a difference between cheap domains for sale and cheap domains for sale that are actually good. Many domains are advertised because they are cheap, but not everything that cost you very little money is worth it. You need to know what you can get out of a cheap domain and what you cannot.

Many of the cheap domains for sale are not going to be .com domains and that is the first problem you need to understand. The .com domain names are still the best and they are the ones that carry the most weight with Google and other search engines.

3 Things to Be aware of When it Comes to Cheap Domains For Sale

1. The .info domain name

If you want to send your website to the 3rd or 4th page of Google and leave it there, then get a .info domain name. These are very difficult to get listed high in the search engines and they do not carry much weight. They are super cheap and usually advertised as cheap domains for sale.

Those that are looking to put together a website to make money or for a business need to know that putting together a website with the .info extension is a bad idea. You need to upgrade to something better and it will not cost you that much money to do so.

2. Domain name sales

Another thing to be aware of is when domain names are on sale on auction sites or other sites that sell full websites. You want to make sure that the domain you are getting is going to be worth your time. It might look like a good choice because the site is pretty, but that does not make it good.

Always check the competing sites in Google and Yahoo for the domain name keyword that you are considering. This will give you an idea of how hard it is going to be to get listed high in the ranking for this domain name. It might be going for a cheap price because it is going to be very difficult to rank.

3. Just sales at domain sites

The only cheap domains for sale that are actually worth it are those that are .com, .org, or .biz domains. These are good extensions that you can use to get ranking with the search engines. Sometimes they do go on sale for very cheap, but it is rare. GoDaddy will put them on sale once a year for $1.99 for the first year.

Sometimes you can save a few dollars each by using a bulk order or a coupon code. This is a great way to save a few bucks, but domain names are very cheap overall and most will be under $20 per year. This means that you can avoid the .info domain and go for one that is actually worth your time.

When to Get Cheap Domains For Sale

If you ever have the chance to pick up a good .com domain for under $5, then you need to get as many as you can for that price. This is about half what a regular .com will cost and if you need a few domains, then you need to buy when they are on sale.

Also, remember to search for a coupon code so that you can save at least a few dollars every single time you make a purchase. This is a great way to get cheap domains for sale without having to search for an actual sale or wait for one.

Finding a Way to Do a Free Domain Name Search is Easy

You might have thought when you saw free domain name search that we were going to discuss finding a domain name that you can get for free, but that would be a waste of your time. Getting a domain name for free should only be done if it is coming along with the hosting you have chosen from one of the top hosting companies.

Any other type of free domain name would be a waste of your time and good domain names are not expensive anyway. If you cannot afford $20 or less a year, then you probably should reevaluate your plan for putting up a website before you go ahead with your free domain name search.

What we are going to talk about is how you can find a very good domain name for free. Many will spend hundreds of dollars on tools to help them find the right domain name and some will actually pay others to find them good domain names. This is not necessary and you can do a free domain name search very easily.

A Step by Step Approach to a Free Domain Name Search

Step 1 – Finding a free keyword tool

This part is very easy because if you enter the words “free keyword tool” into Google you can find the free tool that Google offers. This is going to give you a monthly estimate to how many times a keyword phrase has been searched. It will also give you some more specific and better keyword ideas to help you out.

Step 2 – Enter a few general terms about your subject into the tool

For this plan we are going to use dogs as our example. So if you want to build a site about dogs you might enter the phrases; dog training, dog breeds, puppy training, dog care, and dog products, into the keyword tool. Once you enter the CAPTCHA phrase the tool will do what it does and return a longer list of 200 keyword phrases for you.

Step 3 – Pick 10 to 20 keyword phrases for possible domain names

Start by clicking on the local monthly searches to the far right of this page. This will sort the keywords from the most searched term to the least searched term. Now you can go through the list and throw out any of the phrases that do not have at least 3 words in them. This will narrow your list quite a bit.

You will want to find 10 to 20 keyword phrases that are at least 3 words long and have at least 1,000 monthly searches. These are going to be your best choices when you are doing a free domain name search because they will have less competition and will be easier to rank for. Here is the list that was chosen for the example:

small dog breeds
small dogs breeds
German shepherd breeders
small dog breed
potty training puppies
Doberman puppies for sale
pet supplies plus
types of dogs
how to train a puppy
how to train a dog
Bernese mountain dog

If you are struggling to find keyword phrases that fit the criteria, then take some of the more specific keywords and plug them into the tool. This will give you a more specific list and will help to narrow your search down some.

Step 4 – Check the competition in Google

This is probably the most important step in the free domain name search because if you cannot outrank your competition, then it is pointless to use that keyword for a domain name. You want to plug your keyword phrases into Google and see what is ranking at the top.

For example, if you put in “Bernese mountain dog” you will see images, and then the top sites are all informational sites about Bernese mountain dogs. This is not a good keyword to choose because some of these sites are large and will be hard to out rank. Plus there are no sponsor ads, which means that nobody is paying to advertise for this keyword. That is always a bad sign when you are performing a free domain name search.

You want a keyword phrase that has sponsor ads all over the page and also does not have many large sites ranking for it. In this example the keyword phrase “how to train a puppy” is a better choice because there are ads around it and the sites ranking for it are not organizations or large companies.

Step 5 – Check to see if your domain is available

The last step in the free domain name search is to find out if you can even get the domain you are after. If for some reason the keyword phrase is not available as a .com, .net, or .biz, then you can choose one of the suggestions the registrar will give you that contains your keyword phrase.

How to Get a Free Domain after your Free Domain Name Search

If you currently do not have hosting and you do not want to pay the small fee for a domain name, then you can get a free domain name with a hosting package from one of the best hosting companies. You just need to find a review on the top hosting companies and use it to find one that will give you a free domain.

Make sure you do your research and find a domain name you can rank for or you may be stuck with a worthless domain that will take much more effort to gain traffic.

You can use a free domain name search for any subject and it will always help you find a better domain name for your website.

Why You Don’t Need to Use the Google Domain Registration

There really is nothing that is good about Google domain registration and that is a simple as it gets. Google does not offer a host that can go with the domain you get because they have Google website hosting, but it is absolute garbage. This is not the way to go if you want to make money online and get a good domain name and hosting account.

The best way to go about getting a domain name is to use a hosting company that will give you one for free when you sign up for hosting. You can use the list of the top ten hosting companies to find one or you can just use ITX Design to get your free domain name and hosting. It is recommended that you read the ITX Design review before you make your domain or hosting decision.

Your hosting and the domain that you choose for your website are incredibly important. You have to know what you can get for the right price and what you need when it comes to hosting as well. When you start you will be looking for a domain and you want to avoid the Google domain registration because you can use other options that are much better.

The Options for Hosting that are Better Than Google Domain Registration

It is always good to get a domain name, but you do not want to waste your money with Google domain registration.

This is simply because you can get a free domain name very easily and we have already discussed why.

You need to have a domain name and hosting so let us start by discussing how to find the right hosting for you.

When you are looking for hosting you have three basic options and they range from just a few dollars a month to over a thousand dollars a month.

It is really all about what you need for your hosting account and what your website is going to need. You should start by checking some of our reviews so that you at least have something to compare the other options to.

Shared web hosting is the basic option that most beginners will start with because it is the cheapest website hosting offered by many of the companies out there. This is a good place to start if you do not know much about hosting and having a domain name. This is also an option that will allow you to skip the Google domain registration and get a free domain with it.

Once you have some hosting experience you may find that you need to upgrade to the next level, which is VPS hosting. This is a type of hosting that will give you more resources for your website or blog and you have to know that getting VPS hosting is a great way to go if you cannot afford to spend a huge amount of money every month, but you need really good hosting.

The last of the basic hosting options is the dedicated hosting and this is the best of all of them. This is the option that will allow you to use the entire server and all the resources that it has for your website. You will not share the server with any other hosting accounts and you will not have to worry much about whether your site will load fast or not.

You need to have the right hosting for your website and it is always smart to take your time with the research so that you are confident in your decision. Hosting is very important and you have to figure out which option is going to work best for you. You can start your research with the ITX Design review and this will show you a little bit about all three of these options.

Having a strong domain name is important and it should be a domain name that people research online and so as to find applicable and heavy traffic volume keywords for a site’s domain, it is smart to begin with Google’s Keyword Tool. By entering varied terms related to the site’s niche, the Keyword Tool will return results of a large number of keywords together with their search volumes.

To get a precise appraisal of search volume, ensure the numbers are “exact” monthly searches. “Broad” monthly search numbers aren’t so correct, so it’s better to keep clear of this statistical data. It is excellent to form an inventory of fascinating keywords for precise match domains. Most likely, domains that contain 1 to 3 keywords in a phrase are taken up, so it’s important to think up a detailed listing of options that still maintain high search volumes. To check the provision of the domains on this list, one must scan a domain registrar. There are lots of domain registrars available on the web, yet just a few are going to be trusted.

The Best Way to Avoid Google Domain Registration

The best way to avoid the Google domain registration is to use ITX Design and get a free domain from the hosting they offer. When you pay for your hosting upfront you will get the benefit of a free domain name for your website. This saves you a little bit of money that you simply do not need to spend with Google domain registration.

There are many ways to get a domain name, but the best way is to get it along with hosting. You need both a domain for your website and a hosting account as well, so it just makes sense. You will have to spend the time doing your research so that you get what is right for you, but just know that you should avoid the Google domain registration.

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