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call-to-action-words25 Powerful Call to Action Phrases for Better Conversions

Call to action phrases provide the power necessary for any online marketer to create more sales and profits. It’s a tall task to get visitors to your website and if they don’t take action, you might as well flush your marketing dollars down the toilet.

With the right call to action, you can take a visitor and turn them into a first-time buyer. This opens the door for creating a customer for life, which may add up to thousands of dollars in revenue. Here are 25 of the best call to action phrases you can use to create larger profits.

  1. Click Here Now – Link actual words
  2. Grab Yours Now -> [LINK] to website
  3. Hope to See You Soon! [LINK]
  4. Read This Post: [LINK] to post
  5. This post will teach you how to….:[LINK] to post
  6. You’ve Got Nothing to Lose! Sign Up Here. [LINK] the words “Sign Up Here”
  7. This is THE Solution for….:[LINK]
  8. Download Now – Link actual words
  9. Try it Free! – Link actual words
  10. Join Now – Link Actual Words
  11. Talk to an Expert here:[LINK]
  12. Click for Immediate Download – Link actual words
  13. I can’t wait to hear from you. – Works with emails when you want a response.
  14. Just Reply Now and we will email you all the details
  15. In a Hurry? Call Us Today at: [Phone #]
  16. Order Today and Save XX% Here: [LINK]
  17. Our experts are waiting for your call: [Phone #]
  18. Offer Expires [DATE]
  19. Request your FREE Quote Today: [LINK or Email]
  20. Reserve your Spot Today: [LINK]
  21. Limited quantity available: [LINK]
  22. Get it Now! – Link actual words
  23. Visit our Website Today – Link actual words
  24. Visit us Here – Link actual words
  25. Order now and Receive a FREE Bonus: [LINK]

These are just a few of the many great call to action phrases you can use. Sometimes, you can fit two of them together for even better results.

When Should You Use a CTA Phrase?

Using a call to action phrase is a bit of a science. However, most experts will tell you, it’s better to use a call to action too often than not often enough. Here are a few instances when CTA phrases should be used.

  • At the end of every blog post – The CTA phrase can be included with a resource box and a link to a product or service.
  • On any product review pages – Product review pages should include multiple call to action phrases throughout the content.
  • On sales pages – Using CTA phrases often on sales pages will help with conversions.
  • In PPC ads – You only get a few words to get your message across with pay-per-click ads. Some of those words should be a CTA phrase
  • In Forum Signatures – This is usually the only place you can promote something, so making sure you promote with a CTA phrase matters.
  • Anywhere else that makes sense!

CTA phrases can be used in a variety of places on your website, in your emails, in eBooks, throughout marketing materials and many other places. They work online and offline. Whether you want to drive visitors to your website or you need to get them to the order page for your product, CTA phrases are the way to do it.

How do Call to Action Phrases Work?

Often, consumers need to be told what to do. We see this in infomercials, on sales pages, in brochures and in many other types of marketing. Commercials constantly tell you to “pick up the phone and call #” or to “come in today for an estimate.” They are tell the consumer what they want them to do.

Online, CTA phrases are used to get somebody to click a link, go to a specific page or post and make a buying decision. Basically, call to action phrases provide the road map for your visitors.

Maybe they found you by clicking on your PPC ad, but they don’t know where to go from there. Once on your website, you can use call to action phrases to influence the navigation of your visitor. Whether you want to take them directly to the order page or you just want to recommend a similar blog post, CTA phrases allow you to steer them to the next place you want them to land.

If you want to increase your click-thru ratios, sales and profits, using good call to action phrases is one of the most powerful ways to do it. Start adding a CTA phrase to the end of all your blog posts and use them throughout your marketing materials. You will see a difference in sales and profits.

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