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small-business-hosting-planWhich Small Business Web Hosting Package is Right for Your Needs?

There’s plenty to consider in the decision for the right small business web hosting. Taking your business online is necessary and the wrong hosting won’t help you in any way at all.

Hosting is like the foundation of the house you’re building. If you choose a poor company or a package without enough resources, our house will crumble and fall. However, when you choose the right hosting company and the right resources, your house will stand proud.

Is Free Small Business Web Hosting Worth Your Time?

Many companies want to get the best possible price and that’s the only thing that matters. Often, this is a dangerous way to run a business. Imagine if your favorite restaurant decided to buy the cheapest ingredients instead of putting an emphasis on quality. Would their food still taste as good as it does?

Free hosting is one of the worst choices for a small business because it’s simply not very good. It works great for personal websites, but it’s a horrible choice for small business web hosting.

When you choose free hosting for your business website you may experience large amounts of downtime, other company ads on your website and you might not even own the domain name. Simply put, free hosting isn’t meant for businesses and is a horrible decision for any small business website.

Imagine customers coming to your website and they click away to a competitor because the free hosting you’re using runs ads on your site. This is how free website hosting companies make their money, but it costs you money.

Just one lost customer could have paid for an entire year or longer of shared website hosting for your small business website. Instead of potentially losing customers and becoming a billboard for competitors, choose an option better than free hosting for your website.

Start with Shared Hosting and Grow From There

Instead of choosing free hosting, which may cause issues if you need to transfer your website later on, start with an inexpensive shared hosting account. For less than $5 per month, you can host your small business website with ITX Design. This is a small price to pay for real small business website hosting.

Starting with shared hosting makes sense for many small businesses. This will allow you to take your business online with a website, blog, forum, online store or any other type of site you want to create. Once you take your site live and you begin to grow, you can grow your hosting with your business.

Most small businesses will never outgrow shared hosting, but some will. If this happens, ITX Design offers both VPS and dedicated hosting packages perfect for your upgraded account. Some small businesses may need to start with VPS or dedicated server hosting, if added security and customization are necessary.

Most Important Features for Your Small Business Hosting

Small businesses vary in size and type. Some may need e-commerce solutions, while others just need a simple site builder. Since most good small business web hosting packages come will all the necessary features, the most important have more to do with the actual hosting company.

Technical Support

What happens if you have an issue or question? You have to call, email or chat online with the support team. If you cannot get an answer quickly, your hosting can start costing you both time and money.

ITX Design offers award-winning technical support 24/7/365. Our team of industry experts provides everything you need, when you need it.


A website doesn’t do much good if your visitors cannot access it. With a poor hosting company, you may experience large periods of downtime. This will cost you money quickly. ITX Design provides a 99.999% uptime guarantee to ensure you don’t lose customers because your website is down.

Speed and Reliability

Cheap hosting solutions may not use the fastest or most reliable servers. This causes downtime and slow load times. You only get about eight seconds to capture the attention of a new visitor. If six of those seconds are spent waiting for your site to load, you probably won’t convert that visitor into a sale.

At ITX Design, we use the fastest and most reliable hosting servers. We use Tier 1 Connections to ensure the fastest load times and our servers remain up-to-date consistently.

If you’re ready to take your business online, you need the best small business web hosting possible. Choose any of the hosting packages from ITX Design and get started today.

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