A Handy Guide for Finding the Best Free Search Engine Optimization Software on the Web

You will be able to discover the techniques the competition is using.

You’ll also find out how the competitive keywords they are using are ranking, and you will also discover how much traffic they are receiving.

Where the all-important link building strategies are concerned, you will be able to identify the competitors’ strategies.

This information will give you more ideas on how to create your own strategies, and you will increase your search engine ranking and drive more targeted traffic to your website.


Varieties of Free SEO Software Available

Web Browser – The Firefox browser is preferred over others because it enables you to use the free tool SEO Quake, an add on, to get important data such as Google ranking, Alexa ranking at a glance as well as other statistics on yours and your competitor websites.

Tracking Backlinks – Again, for the tracking of your site and your competitors backlinks, or even for good sources to link to, you can get Backlink Watch.

Checking Meta Tags – Submit Express provides many free tools for the checking and also the generation of Meta tags.

Keyword Tool – For the checking of keywords useful for article marketing and for blogging, the Google AdWords External Tool is a very good resource.

Website Submission – Submission of your website to the search engines for indexing can easily be done from tools provided by Submit Express.

Article Directory Submission – Submissions of quality articles to high PR ranked directories that have a human being approval process will provide backlinks of high quality. Ezinearticles.com is one such directory.

All in one Solution – Submit Express provides a panel of free webmaster software and tools that you can access as an all in one solution for your SEO tasks. These include:

Search Engine Submission Tool – submits to over 70 search engines
Keyword Suggestion Tool
Link Popularity Checker
Broken Link Checker
Reciprocal Link Checker
Pagerank Checker
Meta Tags Analyzer
Meta Tags Generator
Link Counter
SEO Takes Time

Optimizing a website for the search engines is a rewarding process although it will take time. Patience should be exercised with the process and you should resist the temptation to hurry it up by engaging in activities that may appear fruitful but may do more harm than good.

For example it does not help to submit your website to hundreds of search engines, this will only provide you with an enormous number of emails that you can do better without.

Less is More

Also, submission of quality articles with an author resource box that contains a link back to your website is an important way to get quality backlinks.

However, this benefit is gained using just 10 or even 5 high PR ranked directories.

Submitting to hundreds of low ranked directories will actually hurt your ranking in the search engines. Less is more here, and quality is more important than quantity.

Utilizing the free search engine optimization software and tools mentioned above can give you a great advantage over your competitors and can help drive your ratings up in the search engine results pages.

The important thing to achieve is a good understanding of the tools and their capabilities, and knowing how to use them to their full capacity.

That is the way you will be able to get the best out of your SEO marketing efforts.

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