2 Ways to Get the Best Business Domain Name

domain namesThe business domain name is something you have to get if you want to be online and make money with your website. You need to consider that your domain name is going to be the face for your business online and you will need to know what the advantages of having the right domain name for your business are.

First, if you have a good domain name it is recognizable, easy to remember, and will give you traffic you can get from areas that you never thought possible. You have to get the right type of name for your website or you will struggle to get the online results you are really after. The name is your identity and it is very important that you choose the proper business domain name.

Second, when you have a top domain name for your business you can use it on your business cards and your offline marketing. This will help to build your brand and will help others to recognize what you do and what you are all about. Your offline marketing is important and you have to get a domain name that will fit with it well.

Last, a great domain name can literally put you on the map with the online portion of your business. If you want your business to grow online you will want to make sure have the right type of domain name. Many businesses can be very successful online, but without the right domain name they cannot get on the map online.

You have to get a top domain name for your business or you will lose out on many things you probably don’t even realize would give you more sales and profits. Below are two types of domain names you can use for your business and it is up to you to decide which one of them is going to be right for your business.

The Top 2 Types of Business Name Domains Choices


If you want to have a domain name that will help your business with branding, then you will want to get one that is as close to the name of your business as possible. The only thing that would cause this to not work is if your company name is already taken. In this situation you can add a small word to the domain to get a domain with your company name in it.

Another way you can go is you can get a domain name that is your product name or names. You can actually have more than one domain name. If you get one for each of the different products that you carry, then you can have a website about each one of them. These can also be sub domains on your main domain name, which would be your company name.

Branding is a great way to go with a business domain name and it will help quite a bit with your offline marketing as well. People will be able to remember your name much better if you are using your company name as your domain name. This will help more people to find you much faster and much easier than you may think.

Keyword Rich

Another way to get a business domain name that will help make you money and give you an online presences is to get a domain name that has a main keyword in it. This is a bit like getting a domain name that has your product name in it, but instead of trying to brand your website you are trying to rank high on search engines for the keyword phrase you chose.

The keyword phrase should have something to do with what you do as a company and you are looking for a phrase that gets searched for quite a bit on Google and on other search engines. This will help to bring you large amounts of traffic that is going to be very highly targeted to what you are doing and what your company is all about.

Again, like with the product domains, you can either get many domain names with different keyword phrases or you can use sub domains to help you target other main keyword phrases. The more pages you have that target top keyword phrases the more high rankings you can get. This will help you to get more traffic that is very targeted to your company.

One Last Key to Your Company’s Domain Name

The last key to your business domain name is to make sure it is a .com domain name and that you have good hosting for it. This is the highest ranking type of domain name and it is the easiest for your customers to remember as well. This is the default type of domain name that most people will try to type in when they are trying to find a company.

No other domain name extension will do and if the .com domain name is not available you need to think about a different domain name that it is available for. You could use a .net or .biz, but these are not going to rank as high and they are not going to be as easy for people to remember when you use them in offline marketing.

Your business is very important and if you don’t get a top domain name you will not be able to take advantage of every benefits you can get from going online. This is vital to your business success and you have to find the right business domain name to help you gain the online face for your business you need.

What is the Best Domain Name for your Project?
There are many benefits to having the best domain name for your project and you need to know some of the main benefits. When you have a domain name that fits your blog or your website just right you will have more leverage than you may think. Some people take getting a domain name for granted, but this is one of the most important parts of your project.

When you have the best domain name for your project you will rank higher, have better branding, and you will make more money as well. There are many benefits that a good domain name can give you and below you are going to discover three of the top benefits of having the best domain name for you.

1. Higher Ranking

If you are trying to get higher ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the other search engines, then you will need to have a strong domain name. The right domain name can help you rank much higher than if you have a domain name that is not going to rank all that high. Typically when you have a domain name with a good keyword phrase in it you can rank higher.

2. Branding

With the right type of domain name you can certainly brand your website better than if you have the wrong type of domain name. When you have the best domain name for your project it could be as simple as your company name with a .com at the end. This can help you with the branding and the recognition of your website and your company.

3. Making More Money

Ranking and branding will help you make more money because you will have more traffic and more of a chance to make the money you will if you do not have the best domain name for your project. Traffic is not going to be the only key to helping you make more money, but it does help quite a bit with the process.

Choosing the Perfect Domain Name for your Website or Blog

There are basically two ways to go with your domain name and we have already touched on both of them. You can get a domain name for branding, which is typically your company name and a .com, or you can get a keyword rich domain name that is designed to help you rank higher for a general or specific keyword phrase.

If you are running a company and you want to put up a website or blog for your company, then just get your company name with a .com at the end of it. This will make your website very easy to remember and you will be able to use the website in offline and online marketing. You will have more recognition and this is a good thing for your business.

However, if you are an internet marketer or planning to make money online with blogging, article marketing, affiliate marketing, or another form of internet marketing, then you will want to get domain names that are keyword rich. The best domain name for you is going to be one that is designed around a specific keyword phrase.

When you do this the best domain name will be one that will rank you higher on the search engines and bring you a large amount of traffic. Now, the domain name can only do so much for you and you will need to use good search engine optimization, but the domain name is the start of all of it. Here is how you can get the best domain name keyword rich domain for your project.

1. Keyword Research

You need to start by putting together a list of keyword phrases that get a good amount of monthly searches and have medium to low competition. You can use the Google keyword tool for free to find out how many times a keyword phrase gets searched and you can use Google to find out the competition. This is pretty easy to do and you want a keyword phrase that gets at least 1,600 monthly searches and has competition under 500,000.

When you type in a few general terms about your subject in the Google keyword tool it will give you about 100 choices for your keyword phrases. You really want a keyword phrase with over 10,000 monthly searches for your domain name. Then, put the keyword phrase into good with quotations around it to find the competition. Get a list of 5 to 10 good keyword phrases for your domain name.

2. Find out if the Domain is Available

Type the keyword phrase into Google with the .com extension to see if it comes up. Chances are if it does not come up you can go to a registration site and buy the domain name as a .com right now. However, sometimes it will not show up and it still will not be available. If it is already taken move onto the next one on your list until you find the one that will be your best domain name.

3. Use Short Words

If you cannot get the domain name you want with just the keyword phrase you can add words like “best”, “a”, “top”, and other short words to it to get the best domain name for you with the keyword phrase in it. This is a great way to get a good domain name for your project and you will have a better chance to get the right one for you by using short words with your keyword phrase.

4. Search other sites

Sometimes if the domain name is taken you can purchase it from the owner on one of the internet marketing forums or on eBay. Some people purchase domain names, develop them, and sell them for a profit. You can take advantage of this to get your domain name and it might already have some traffic coming to it.

5. Don’t use Dashed and only .com

The best domain name for you will not have any dashes in it and it will be a .com. The only exception to this rule is if you are from Canada and you can get a .ca domain name. If you are not from Canada you need to have a .com if you want to rank high for your keyword phrases. Plus this is the easiest domain name extension to remember.

A Few Final Thoughts on Having A Really Good Domain for You

The last thing you want to do is put in a huge amount of work and find out that your domain name is not all that good. If you have a strong domain name that is no longer than 4 words, in most cases, then you own some internet real estate. As you develop your domain name you will make it more valuable for you and for the future.

This is an investment and having the best domain name for you will make a difference in the amount of money you can potentially make now and later. When you decide you are ready to sell the website or blog you have developed you will get more for it if you have the best domain name that you can get for that project.

Value is very important and you want to have the most valuable domain name for your project. This means you may have to put in some time to do the keyword research and find the right domain name that is not already taken. It will be well worth the time you put in and you will make more money now and later with the best domain name for you.

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