Is there a Way to Activate and Deactivate your Plugins from the Admin Bar in WordPress?

Maybe you’re in the developmental phase of your website and you need to be able to activate and deactivate WordPress plugins quickly. This can be helpful, in some cases and it can be done quickly with the right plugin. Here’s how you can activate and deactivate your plugins quickly in WordPress.

Plugin Toggle Will do the Trick

Start by downloading and installing the Plugin Toggle plugin for WordPress. This will allow you to add an option to deactivate or activate your plugins to the admin toolbar.

New Plugin Icon

Once the plugin is activated, you will have access to all of your plugins from the plugin dropdown menu in your admin bar. This allows you to activate or deactivate any plugin quickly just by clicking the name of it.

The WordPress admin toolbar is used to help create easy shortcuts for users. With Plugin toggles, you will have a shortcut for all of your plugins, which makes them far more accessible and easier to activate or deactivate.

Any plugin shown in bright white colored lettered is activated, while all the deactivated plugins will show up in grey colored letters. If you’re developing a new website and you need to be able to turn a plugin on and off, this is a very easy way to do it.

The plugin can also be helpful if you’re not sure if you’ve installed the right plugin yet. Just put your mouse over the plugins icon in your admin toolbar and you will be able to see all of the plugins you’ve installed on your website.

Most users will like this plugin the best when diagnosing an issue with their WordPress site. When you activate and deactivate plugins, you can quickly see if one of them is causing an issue or if the problem is elsewhere. Sometimes an out-of-date plugin can cause a huge issues and this is a quick way to find out if that’s the case with your WordPress website.

Now you know how to use the Plugin Toggle plugin to add the plugins menu to your WordPress admin toolbar. This should make dealing with your plugins a little bit easier.

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