7 Annoying Things About WordPress You can Fix

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform out there and yet like anything, it has some features that can be annoying to deal with. Typically, the features that bother users are things that can be fixed if you know how to do so. If you can’t figure out what caused it in the first place, this guide might give you the answer to handling the issue.

Whether you’re new at WordPress or you’ve been using it for years, WordPress is still a fantastic tool for blogging because of its general ease of use. When it comes to the more serious use and customizing features, there are bound to be issues that slow down your progress. Here is a look at the biggest complaints behind WordPress that you’re likely to encounter and how to fix them.

Updates for Themes, Plugins and New Versions

You hate when it’s time for an update and it seems to happen all of the time. The more plugins and popular themes you choose, the more often you’re going to need to update too. Updates are extremely important and you should stay on top of them to keep your site secure but you can at least have control over the scheduling of it.

WP Update Settings

Have it scheduled to update every week or once per month in which the program can update your plugins, themes and WordPress versions all at once. This can be a part of your regular WordPress maintenance tasks but it can happen on your watch rather than every time you log in. Try the WP Updates Settings plugin which works to automatically update your background, plugin and theme updates automatically for you.

When Plugins Conflict

Plugin Conflict

The worst is when your plugins conflict with one another. When a plugin causes problems with another, it can really mess up your site. It may be difficult to figure out which one caused the conflict too. One way to handle this issue is to deactivate all of your plugins, except the one having problems, and then reactivate them one at a time. Check the status of your site in-between to figure out which one is causing the conflict. Then once you’ve figured it out, you can either remove it or replace it with a previous version.

Having your Site Hacked

When you first start using WordPress, you’ll have a username set to admin that allows you to login http://sitename.com/wp-login.php but some people then struggle to keep their site safe from hackers. Hackers can go to your login page easily and guess your login and password manually or by using software. Prevent hackers from figuring this out so easily by creating another user.

Add New User

Go to Users >> Add New from the admin area, fill out the info, and make the Role set to Administrator. Use a different email address from the original admin and then once complete, delete the original admin. You’ll have to log out and back in with your new user and then hover over original admin to Delete.

Other Complaints

The other most common complaints with WordPress are spam comments, getting locked out when the password won’t reset the white screen of death and plugins that look awful on mobile. The white screen of death is a blank page that comes up after installing something new which sometimes can be undone by taking a step back. Other times, you may need to back up your site and delete the plugin or theme that caused the issue. Dig deep if you can’t figure out what caused the white screen error.

For spam comments, be sure to moderate comments by setting your WordPress to show your comments for approval before they are posted. You can close the comments on old posts and install a plugin for anti-spam.

When you get locked out of WordPress because the password won’t work, you can still reset it from phpMyAdmin. For issues with themes and plugins looking bad on mobile, look for a few things before choosing the theme or plugin like a recent update date, look for ones that say “mobile” or “responsive” and test it on MobileTest.me to see how it’s going to look on various devices.

These are the seven most common complaints about WordPress and how you can fix them to avoid problems with your site.

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