The 6 Types of Employees You’ll Find in Any Office [Infographic]

types of employeesYou’ll come across many different types of employees in your office.

All types are required to make the world run smoothly (and sometimes, a bit unpredictably).

Every office is different, but there seems to be a careful balance: In almost every office across the U.S., you can identify a few people that roughly fit the types we’ll describe below.

Tell us which types of employees you recognize from your own office–and which type you think you might be!

The 6 Types of Employees in Every Office

Vocoli put together an excellent infographic outlining the 6 types of employees you’re likely to run into in any office in North America. Not only is each type recognizable (The Realist–that’s 100% Tim, right?), but there are also great tips for working with and managing each type.

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Let’s recap

The Realist – Strengths are numbers and data, so put the realist in analytics to make them comfortable and give them the opportunity to wow you with their no-nonsense, numbers-only approach.

The Over Organizer – Strengths are organization and planning, so this employee needs to be all over your logistics and project management. It’s where they will shine, and they do a great job of keeping everyone on the same page.

The Seasoned Professional – These are the ‘gifted children’ of the office. They’re really, really good at whatever you seem to throw at them, so don’t hold back–toss your most difficult projects and challenges their way to get expert insight and keep them engaged.

The Creative – Beginnings are fascinating to creatives. They enjoy being able to start something without too much preparation, so hand projects that have been planned by the Organizer over to this type. Known for taking ideas and running with them, turning them into something great and innovative.

The Introvert – Be careful not to spook the introvert. They don’t always speak up, but they do have great insight. You can encourage them to open up in more intimate settings (group meetings are not their forte).

The Newbie – Be a mentor or assign a mentor. They’ve got potential, but newbies don’t have the experience or know-how to dive in on their own. Linking a newbie with an over organizer can be a smart move.

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