How to Choose the Right Domain for You and Your Business

Domains for BusinessChoosing your domain is a decision you should make very carefully. Selecting the right one for your business can mean the difference between being found on search rankings or not, being remembered, and being easy to find by your customers. Having a great domain can mean that you’ll have a great results for your sales while a bad choice can make your site lost out there on the web.

You need to focus on a few factors such as keywords, your location, being memorable, and being easy to find. When your customers try to search for you online, what is the most likely way they will search and be able to find you? Keep this in mind along with these tips for choosing the right domain for yourself and your business.

What is the brand about?

Start your brainstorming session with taking a look at what your brand is all about. If your business voice is meant to be serious and descriptive, then focus in on that while a playful business voice should keep that in mind when choosing the domain. At this point in the process, you may be more subjective while going forward you’ll have to be more objective. This is a good way to start filtering through your options.


Business Domain NameFrom there, you should start considering keywords that relate to your business. Do a keyword analysis to understand your category better. Keywords are going to be the terms that are being searched to find you and competitors in a category. Keywords shouldn’t be the only way you determine the right domain name but it’s a really useful way to form a domain and help make the decision.

Just be sure when you search for a keyword analysis that you don’t get lost in big search categories. For example, having a domain with a widely searched term like “doctor” is going to make you less easy to find amongst thousands of other doctors. Make it something keyword related while being narrowed down. The goal is to get found in a sea of potential search results.

Be memorable and easy

As mentioned, it’s important that your domain is easy to find and easy to remember. A longer domain is not search friendly for people even if it’s the perfect description of your business. People need short and sweet, memorable and easy to type. Make sure you’ve found a way to combine the ease of search with something memorable and powerful. What type of domain might make you memorable so that your customers don’t have to think too hard to remember it?

Do some research

Dot ComLastly, be sure to consider where your target audience is because it may help to include the city or community into the domain for an easier search. When generating local traffic, they may remember you when you have the neighborhood name in the domain. National and global companies would want something more universal.

In addition, you’ll need to do some homework around names and terms that you’re thinking about using because it could already be a trade name, competitor’s name or illegal to use otherwise. Finally, choose the right domain extension and then you’ll have everything you need to get your business started online.

Use these tips to pick the perfect domain for your business that will capture your audience’s attention, be easy to find, be memorable, and will help potential customers find you when doing their own search for companies like yours. There’s always more than one right answer so if you have a few ideas in mind, you could register a couple of additional domains to help additional customers find you.

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