3 Tips on How to Buy a Domain Name that is Good

You Top Options on How to Buy Domain Name
domain-names-buyingThe easiest way to learn how to buy domain name is to simply go to a website that sells them and purchase one. However, this is as basic as it gets and if you want to get a good domain name or a free domain name, then you have to know what else goes along with this.

It is important that your domain name helps you to gain search engine ranking for your website so that you can get more traffic. If you just go choose any random domain name, then there is no guarantee you will get any type of help with your ranking. This is why you need to know how to buy domain name that is going to be good for you and your website.

3 Tips to Help you With –  How to Buy Domain Name
1. Do your research first

You have to start by doing keyword research and finding a keyword phrase that will help you gain ranking. This is specifically a keyword phrase that will get a good amount of searches without having too much competition. This process can take a little bit of time, but it will pay off in the end when you are getting more traffic.

Make sure you check both the searches and the competition of the keywords you are thinking about using. Also, make sure you are finding keyword phrases that do not have large company sites taking up the top search engine rankings because these will be very difficult to out rank.

2. Choose to get a .com domain whenever possible

Do not be fooled into thinking that you can get away with getting a cheaper domain like a .info domain name. If this is how you were taught about how to buy domain name, then forget it right now because you were taught wrong. It only costs a little more to get a .com domain each year and they will help you quite a bit in the rankings.

3. Don’t use dashes in your domain name

For whatever reason, search engines do not like to see dashes in your domain name. They do not value a domain that looks like “your-domain-name.com” as much as one that looks like “yourdomainname.com”. The second choice is almost always going to out rank the first choice and will do so without as much search engine optimization.

domain-name-signHow to “Buy” Free Domain Names
One last thing must be discussed and that is the free domain name. If you want to know how to buy domain name that is free, then you must know that there is only one good way to go about doing this. You have to get a hosting package that includes a domain name for free with it. Most every other free domain name is garbage and not worth your time.

You can choose from one of the best hosting companies for 2011 and get a domain name for free with a hosting package that is less than $5 a month. This is a great way to get started with your website. Just make sure you go through learning how to buy domain name first so that you get a good one.

How to Buy a Canadian Domain Name
The major difference when you buy a Canadian domain is that it will not be a .com, but instead it will be a .ca domain name. This is different than most expect, but this does not mean too much unless you are trying to rank in the United States and other countries. You can still do it with a .ca, but it is not as easy as it is with a .com domain name.

One thing you should know when you buy a Canadian domain name you are getting what is known as the most trustworthy and the most reputable domain in the world. This is specifically because when you get a .ca domain name you are getting a domain name that is controlled by the Canadian Laws. You do need to understand a few things before you make the decision to buy a Canadian domain.

First, you will want to make a list of the potential choices for your domain name and see if they are available. Next, you will want to choose a website that is able to sell you a Canadian domain name. Last, you will need to authorize your domain name purchase and some of the registration sites will do this for you, but if not, you have to do it yourself.

Now that you have a bit of an understanding of what you are getting if you buy a Canadian domain it is time to move on to a few tips to help you get the right domain name for you. Whether you are going to buy a .ca or a .com you need to know what it takes to get the right domain name and what you should be getting for your business.

3 Tips to Help you Buy a Canadian Domain Name Online

1. Choosing a Keyword Rich Domain or a Brandable Domain Name

domain-tld-signsEven when you buy a Canadian domain you will need to figure out whether or not you need to buy a domain that is meant to get listed for a specific keyword phrase or whether you need a brandable domain name. The difference is that the keyword rich domain name will contain a main keyword you are trying to rank for and the brandable domain name is going to be a company name that you are trying to build.

If you are running an offline company that you are trying to take online you will want to buy a Canadian domain name that is brandable. However, if you are trying to get into internet marketing, blogging, or affiliate marketing you will want to buy a domain name that is keyword rich. This will help you rank higher and get more traffic from the search engines.

2. Following the Canadian Laws

When you buy a Canadian domain name you better make sure you understand the laws that you have to follow with your domain name. If you don’t have an idea of what is expected of you, then you may struggle to keep your domain name up and running. This is why these are considered to be very trustworthy and you have to stick to what the Canadian law says you can and cannot do.

3. Choosing a Domain when your First Choice is Not Available

If you are trying to buy a Canadian domain name that is keyword rich, then you have to make sure you get the right one for you. Your first choice may not be available and this means that you need to have a second choice and maybe a third choice as well. There are also a few other ways to use your first keyword phrase and get a domain name that will work.

You have to know that you can put a small word at the beginning or the end of your domain name to help you get a keyword rich domain name. For example, if you wanted to register the domain name www.canadianmusic.ca, but it is not available you could try to get www.bestcanadianmusic.ca or www.topcanadianmusic.ca. These are just two of the many short words you can add to your keyword to get a good domain name.

A Few Final Thoughts When you Want to Buy Canadian Domains

canada-us-domains-flagsWhen you are trying to buy a Canadian domain name or any domain name for that matter, you want to get it for the right price. This means that you want to search for sales, cheaper registration sites, and coupon codes. Domain names are typically not all that expensive, but you can still save a few dollars every single time you purchase one with a coupon code.

Another thing to consider is your hosting because this will be instrumental in the development of your domain name and website. If you plan to purchase more than one domain name and many internet marketers will do exactly this, then you need to have hosting that will allow you to host more than one domain name. Keep this in mind when you are trying to get the right hosting for your project.

You should also know that you have to be a Canadian citizen in order to buy a Canadian domain name. If you are not a citizen of Canada, then you will want to go with a .com domain name, but if you can get a .ca you may be in better shape than getting a .com. This is part of the laws you will find out about when you buy a Canadian domain.

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