10 Reasons People Leave Your Website

10 reasons people leave your websiteHaving trouble keeping people on your website? It’s a common problem, and a quick look at your website’s bounce or exit rate can be a sobering wake up call. In order to get more conversions and signups, you need to keep people on your site longer.

The first step of action to take? Find out why people are leaving your website so you can make the appropriate changes.

For example, if you’re writing great content but no one is reading it, you might be able to trace the problem back to a bad content organization structure on your website that doesn’t let users search content by keyword or properly organize it and make it available.

Here are 10 reasons people leave your website.

10 Reasons People Leave Your Website

You’ll know the errors you’re committing when you see them. Be open to making changes that optimize your website and keep people from leaving before they make a purchase or sign up.

  1. Too many ads – Ads clutter up a webpage and make your site seem cheap and untrustworthy
  2. Unclear navigation – If users don’t know where to go, they don’t stick around to figure it out
  3. Bad content structure – Even great content gets ignored if it’s not easily found on your site
  4. Boring design – Design that isn’t bad, just boring, is a turn off to users who value design
  5. Bad design – Bad design is a turn off to all users, design-minded or not, and looks cheap
  6. Outdated content – If users notice your last blog post was 2 years ago, you seem irrelevant
  7. Grammatical errors – Simple errors frustrate users and cause them to rethink your expertise
  8. Pop ups – They interrupt the browsing experience and appear desperate, so don’t use them
  9. Audio and video overload – Users get overwhelmed when there’s too much going on
  10. Pages not loading fast enough – The internet is fast, so if your site is loading slowly, you’re out

Creating a positive user experience on your website encompasses so many different elements, from the words you use to the design you choose. As you can see, it doesn’t take much to send users packing when they are browsing your website.

That’s what makes it so important to keep a close watch on your site and ensure you’re always working toward optimization.

These are 10 reasons people commonly leave websites. Do you have any additional reasons people leave websites? What about website optimization tricks to keep people on your website longer? Reach out to us @ITXdesign on Twitter. We love to connect with our readers!

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