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10 Reasons People Leave Your Website

10 reasons people leave your website

Having trouble keeping people on your website? It’s a common problem, and a quick look at your website’s bounce or exit rate can be a sobering wake up call. In order to get more conversions and signups, you need to keep people on your site longer. The first step of action to take? Find out why people are leaving your website so you can make the appropriate changes. For example, if you’re writing great content but no one is reading it, you might be able to trace the problem back to a bad content organization structure on your website that …

5 Website Changes That Will Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Have you noticed your website’s bounce rate increasing? Has it always been a little high? The industry you’re in has a lot to do with what your bounce rate goals should be. Landing pages have a much higher average bounce rate than login portals or retail websites. You don’t want to create goals that are too lofty to reach, but it’s always smart to take steps to keep visitors on your site longer and reduce your bounce rate. How to Reduce Bounce Rate Here are 5 changes you can make to reduce your bounce rate and keep visitors on your …

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