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wordfence-security-plugin-wordpressBetter WordPress Site Security with Wordfence Security

Securing your website is very important. If a hacker gets in, you could lose money, content, client information or even worse, your entire website. With the Wordfence Security plugin, WordPress users can increase the security of their website.

The plugin secures your WordPress site with a firewall, real-time traffic and virus scanning. It’s classified as an enterprise-class security plugin and you don’t have to pay to use it.

Along with the basic features of Wordfence Security, users will gain access to all of the following:

  • Automatic protection from known attackers – If any other WordPress site using the plugin is attacked, your site will automatically be protected from that attacker.
  • Two-Factor Authentication or Cellphone Sign-in
  • Enforcement of stronger passwords with all users
  • Core file scans, including plugins and themes – The scan is against the WordPress.org repository versions, which helps to verify security and check their integrity
  • Firewall protection to protect against hackers, botnets, Googlebots and malicious scans.
  • Blocks malicious networks including Domain WHOIS and Advanced IP
  • Scans for over 44,000 signatures of known malware variants
  • DNS monitoring
  • Scans for trojans, suspicious code and other backdoor security issues
  • Provides the ability to see all your website traffic in rea-time including humans, logins, logouts, 404 errors, robots and more
  • Monitors your disk space to protect against DDoS attacks

The plugin also provides a Premium version, which provides many other features and benefits. Premium users can schedule scans, use cellphone sign-in via SMS and block entire countries.

Is Wordfence Security the Right Security Plugin for Your Site?

This full-featured security plugin is a great choice for anybody looking for a top WordPress plugin for security. Gaining better security is necessary in today’s world. Hackers can get in and steal information or just mess up the coding and structure of your website. If this happens, you may lose visitors, money or have your identity stolen.

How does Wordfence Security Compare to Other WordPress Security Plugins?

wordfence-compareWith some WordPress security plugins you think you have good protection, but it’s more of a basic type of protection. This is okay for small, personal sites, but if your WordPress website is for business use, you need the best protection possible.

Adding the Wordfence Security WordPress plugin to your site will give you a plugin that will actually verify the source of the code against the official repository. It will also scan the files of your site, including posts, comments and much more. The plugin uses the Google Safe Browsing list to ensure you gain the best possible protection.

Along with providing many benefits, the Wordfence Security plugin has been created to keep your site load times at the best possible level. Some security plugins slow your site down, but this one won’t.

Users also gain the added peace of mind in knowing the plugin is updated often. Some of the WordPress security plugins out there don’t update often enough, which leaves holes in your site for attacker to find. This isn’t an issue with Wordfence Security because of the frequent updates.

Installation and Set up

The easiest way to install the Wordfence Security plugin is by downloading the .zip folder first. Once downloaded, log into your WordPress Dashboard and select “add new” from the plugin menu. Then, just click “upload”, select the file and install the plugin. You will need to activate it, after installation.

Setting up the plugin doesn’t require anything additional. However, you can change the security level and add an email for alerts in the “options” menu. Premium users can also schedule scans for specific times.

Is The Wordfence Security Plugin the Right Choice?

wordfence-installationUnderstanding everything that could happen to your site because of an attacker is important. However, it can be overwhelming and confusing. As long as you know you need protection and you get protection, you won’t have much to worry about. Wordfence Security offers the protection you need.

This plugin is known as one of the top WordPress plugins for security. You won’t find many others capable of doing as much as Wordfence does, without a high cost. The plugin is 100% free and also provides a Premium version for those needing a little extra protection.

The free version of Wordfence Security is quite robust and will give you a high level of protection. You need more than just a firewall and attackers are always getting smarter. With this plugin, you gain the peace of mind you deserve.

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