bbpress-small-logoA Lighter Way to Create Your Forum with bbPress

Using bbPress is one of the best ways to create an easy to use forum that loads fast and doesn’t get hacked. Some of the different types of software for creating a forum are huge, load slowly and they don’t provide much security. However, with bbPress you won’t have to worry about all those issues.

The bbPress plugins is light, small and provides one of the top plugins for WordPress websites. It’s easy to set up, makes moderating your forum easy and provides full integrations. You only need to install the plugin once and you’re set.

What do you Get with bbPress?

The bbPress WordPress plugin is a forum done the WordPress way. This plugin provides many things including:

  • An Open Source Option – This means you gain access to a community of other users providing plenty of support.
  • Less Code – With less code necessary, bbPress provides a faster loading forum and you won’t need coding knowledge to edit your forum.
  • Simplicity – The plugin developers kept bbPress simple so that anybody could use it.
  • Faster Forum – Since bbPress is a lighter choice for a forum, you won’t have to worry about high traffic volumes slowing down your load times.
  • Highly Secure – This plugin is very secure and makes it easy to keep your forum from getting hacked.


Along with all of these different benefits, bbPress provides many features including:

  • Simple Setup – Easily setup the plugin and moderate your forum.
  • Fully Integrated – Manage everything from one central admin area.
  • Single Installation – You only have to go through the installation process once.
  • Manage Multiple Forums – You can divide your site into forum sections and manage them all from one place.
  • Custom Templates – Dress up your forum with plenty of templates.
  • Spam Protection – Akismet support is built in to give you full spam protection.
  • RSS Feeds – Add RSS feeds with ease.
  • And More!

Plenty of features come with this plugin and there are many other extensions you can use to make your forum even better.

How Popular is the bbPress WordPress Plugin?

bbpress-full-logo-wordpress-pluginThe bbPress plugin has been downloaded over 1.1 million times and has over 200 5-star reviews. Overall, it has been rated as a 4.3 star plugin and has many more positive reviews than negative. It’s by far the most popular plugin for creating a WordPress forum.

You will need to use WordPress 3.6 or higher if you want to install bbPress. However, it’s recommended that you upgrade to the most recent version of WordPress before installing the plugin. This will ensure the best possible security for both your WordPress website and your new forum.

Making Your New Forum Yours

The best part about using the bbPress plugin with your WordPress site is the customization you gain. Many top companies use WordPress and bbPress to make sure they have the right tools for their specific needs. Many of these companies use their forum for support and discussion.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, you can use the many tutorials available to learn how to change the colors, text and layout of your forum. Create sub-forums, categories and everything you need with bbPress. This is a great way to get the most professional forum possible.

The bbPress WordPress Plugin is a Top Choice

No other forum plugin provides what bbPress provides. You can choose one of the bogged down software programs to help you create your forum, but it comes with many risks. You may not have the best security and your forum may load really slow. However, when you choose the bbPress plugin, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues.

Since the plugin is an open source choice, it’s free and so is the support from the user community. Anytime somebody changes the code to make the plugin do something cool, you gain access to that code because it’s an open source plugin.

You have plenty of choices when it comes to creating your forum. However, if you already use WordPress, installing the bbPress plugin only makes sense. It works directly with WordPress and was created for WordPress. The light code and simple design make it easy to use, yet it’s incredibly secure.

If you want the top WordPress plugin for creating a forum, choose bbPress.

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