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better-wp-securityAdd Better WP Security to Your Arsenal of WordPress Plugins

Using Better WP Security is a necessity for every WordPress website and blog out there. This is the #1 WordPress Security Plugin and provides something you cannot get from any other security plugin.

In December of 2013, Better WP Security was acquired by iThemes and Christ Weigman was added to the team to maintain and continue development for this plugin. This not only brings Better WP Security to another level, but it also adds a new level of protection to iThemes Exchange, which is known as one of the best ecommerce solutions available on the market.

What is Better WP Security?

Better WP Security is a WordPress plugin allowing the user to take advantage of some of the best security available. This plugin uses the best security techniques within a single plugin to ensure the potential holes are filled without any conflicting issues with other plugins.

It can be installed and activated quickly. This powerful security plugin provides the absolute best protection any WordPress site can get with a plugin.

Major Benefits of Using Better WP Security

Since most of the hacker attacks and virus attacks happen due to weak passwords, old software and plugin vulnerabilities, Better WP Security uses these issues to protect you in the best possible way. The plugin helps to hide any vulnerabilities from any type of attack and keeps sensitive information protected. Some of the things the plugin does include:

  • Changes the URLs of the WordPress admin, login and other sensitive areas
  • Turns off the ability to login for a specific time
  • Removes the plugins and theme from those without permission to update them
  • Removes the RSD header information
  • Renames the “admin” account
  • Changes the WordPress database table prefix
  • Changes the wp-content path
  • Displays random numbers for non-administrative users
  • Removes login error messages
  • And More!

better-wp-security-benefitsAll of this may seem overwhelming, but the plugin takes care of it all for you whenever an attacker is after your site. As the plugin does its’ job to hide certain part of your site and certain types of information, you won’t have to worry as much about specific things. It will also do all of the following for you:

  • Ban troublesome bots
  • Ban troublesome user agents
  • Strengthen the security of your server
  • Turn off file editing
  • Detect and block attacks to your database and filesystem
  • Enforce strong passwords for accounts
  • Force SSL for admin and any other pages and posts necessary
  • Scan your site for vulnerabilities and fix them

If the plugin were to fail and an attacker was to get past, it also creates a backup schedule and emails you the file. This makes recovering your site much easier, if a hacker were to actually get past the very powerful Better WP Security plugin.

Can Anybody Use Better WP Security?

update-better-wp-securityYes, if you are using the latest version of WordPress, you can use the Better WP Security plugin. You may be wondering why you need to be using the latest version of WordPress to use this plugin. The answer is simple.

One of the best practices of a WordPress website owner is to keep WordPress and all plugins used on the site up-to-date. Even though the plugin may work with older versions of WordPress, using it with the latest version will provide the most powerful protection.

Is Better WP Security Capable of Protecting Your Site from ALL Attacks?

It’s impossible to guarantee perfect security with the Better WP Security plugin. Attackers are always finding new ways to attack sites and security plugins are always finding ways to block them.

This specific plugin is designed to improve the security of your site from the most common types of attacks. It cannot prevent every type of attack and nothing replaces the good practice of using strong passwords and keeping everything up-to-date. This plugin just makes it easier to secure your site and takes away some of the worry.

What are the Requirements of this WordPress Plugin?

Better WP Security requires a server with LiteSpeed or Apache. It also requires mod_rewrite or NGINX to work properly. The plugin has been known to experience some problem in the shared hosting environment if it runs out of resources.

It’s recommended that you backup any site you plan to use this plugin on before installing it. This is simply a precaution and especially recommended for those using a shared hosting server. Even though shared hosting states that it provides unlimited resources, many hosting companies actually vary in their definition of “unlimited” and this could become an issue with this plugin.




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