Why Should you Create Regular Backups of Your WordPress Website?

WordPress BackupAs one of the most popular CMS choices on the planet, many are using WordPress for their website. This makes it very easy to make necessary changes and create a great business website. It also takes it possible to create a backup very easily and as often as necessary. Here are some of the reasons you should back up your website often.

Plenty of Plugin Choices

Even though it’s not the main reason why you back up your site, it is way you go about doing it. With plenty of great plugins to choose from, you won’t have any issue finding one for backing up your site.

Issues with Updates

WordPress regularly provides updates to improve the system and make it better. However, these updates don’t always come to your site and work perfectly. Before performing any update, you should do a backup of your website. If you have your site set to automatically update WordPress, make sure you have your back up plugin set for automatic backups, as well.

Hacks and Attacks

Hacks and AttacksSometimes, you will be under attack from a hacker and you may not even know it. When this happens you may not be able to get your site back up and running without starting with a new copy of WordPress. If this is the case, you will be glad you have a regular back up of your site.

Human Error

Nobody is immune from human error. It’s possible that you may make a huge mistake when adjusting code or accidentally delete a file you didn’t mean to delete. This can happen and if you have a backup copy of your site, you can easily fix the issue

How Often Should you Back it Up?

BackupYour site should be backed up on a regular basis. The number of times per day, week or month depends on your business and website. Some may need daily backups, while others may need multiple backups per day. Since it’s something you can automate and it’s very easy, you should error on the side of backing your site up more often than you think you need.

There are many ways to back up your WordPress website and many reasons you should. These are just a few of the best reasons.

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