Which Social Media WordPress Plugins Should Bloggers Use?

With so many social media WordPress plugins to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right ones for your specific needs. You know you need to be using these plugins, but which ones are the right choices for your blog? Here are a few of the social media plugins every blogger should consider using.



Maybe the most powerful of all the social media plugins, HootSuite is a great choice for your social needs. You can manage many different social profiles, schedule tweets, track your mentions and even analyze social traffic. This plugin does it all and is used by some of the largest companies on the internet.

HootSuite isn’t a free plugin, however. You will need to pay a fee to use this powerful social media plugin for your WordPress blog. You can take advantage of the free trial to see if you like the plugin, though.

SNAP or Social Networks Auto-Poster


SNAP is a very powerful plugin that will let you re-publish your blog posts to many different social networking and bookmarking sites. Once you set it up, you won’t have to do anything else with it.

This plugin is perfect for those looking to use the same social profiles for a number of different WordPress sites. You can export your profile information and import it into the plugin for new sites easily.



Another good social media plugin for WordPress is called ShareThis. With this plugin, you can share content and make it easy for others to share your content. Choose from 120 different social channels and use the small or large buttons to make it easy for readers to share your content.

Along with the sharing feature of this plugin, it will also provide you with social analytics. You can connect, engage and increase your social traffic with the ShareThis plugin.

Share Buttons by AddThis


If you’re not looking for a plugin to automatically share your content, but you want to add the share buttons to your site, the Share Buttons by AddThis plugin is perfect for you. It will provide sharing and bookmarking for over 300 different services including all the biggest social sites out there.

Social Media Widget

Social Media Widget

With the Social Media Widget plugin, you can add all types of social icons and use different sizes, styles and even animation. The plugin supports a large amount of social media sites and they will all open in a separate browser when used.

Microblog Poster

MicroBlog Poster

With the Microblog Poster plugin, you can share your blog content and automatic updates with a number of good social websites. You can even use multiple accounts for all the social sites you share with.

This plugin doesn’t support a ton of social sites, but it does support most of the biggest ones. The main reason it’s on the list is due to the ability to share with multiple accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, FriendFeed, Diigo and Delicious.

WordPress Social Stream

WordPress Social Stream

Another premium social plugin, WordPress Social Stream lets you do just about everything you need to do. However, it only supports the top 15 social networks and up to 60 feed options.

This plugin will allow you to combine all your interaction into one stream and create a single social feed. It’s very innovative and a bit different than any other plugin found on this list.



Share+ isn’t a free plugin, but it will do more for you than many others will. It’s highly customizable and provides five free themes, along with one-click setup, free updates and the ability to create a sharing and bookmarking experience like no other. This is a very powerful plugin, but it won’t fit with every WordPress website.

All of these social media WordPress plugins are very powerful. Bloggers don’t need to use every single one, but you can choose the ones that fit best with your specific needs. Typically, you will want a way to share your blog posts automatically and a plugin that will place the buttons below and/or above every blog post. You may also want to be able to put your social buttons in the sidebar with a widget.

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