Which WordPress Plugins are Best for an eBay Website?

Starting an eBay store can be a fun adventure. There will be plenty of competition, however. You will need to be on top of your game and offer things that will get you noticed. Here are some of the WordPress plugins you can use to help ensure your eBay store is a success.

WatchCount.com WordPress Plugin

WatchCount Ebay Plugin

Displaying your auctions in real time is very easy with the WatchCount.com Plugin for WordPress. This plugin is easy to use and you can simply display your auctions in the sidebar with a widget or use shortcodes to display them on pages and posts.

With this plugin, you can display items based on the keyword, the seller and in many other ways. This makes it very easy to create a niche eBay site and display the right items for your specific site.

Auction Nudge

Auction Nudge

Maybe the best plugin for an eBay website, Auction Nudge provides the ability to add listings to pages, posts and widgets. The plugin uses shortcodes to make it possible to display listings based on a user name, user ID, eBay page and more. You can even use it for 13 different international eBay sites.

Some of the features will allow you to integrate your listings as an ad, your profile and even display your feedback. The plugin provides plenty of display options and makes it easy to customize your site. You can even use custom CSS and embed the code into your theme files.

eBay Feeds for WordPress

eBay Feeds for WordPress

This helpful plugin provides the ability to put eBay listings in the pages, posts, themes and widgets with shortcode. You can specific the feed and how many items you want to display, as well. The eBay Feeds for WordPress plugin allows you to do many different things to ensure your site functions how you prefer. It’s a free plugin with plenty of features for any eBay website.

WordPress Automatic Plugin

WordPress Automatic Plugin

If you want to automate the process, the WordPress Automatic Plugin is the right choice. This plugin will post eBay auctions to many different sites including WordPress sites. It will do so based on the keywords you choose and you can choose specific sellers, as well. It’s compatible with 13 countries and provides an automatic way to get your auctions on your site fast.

All of these plugins work with WordPress and eBay to help you create the best possible eBay website. Whether you are selling on eBay or you are an affiliate, these plugins can help you with customization of your WordPress website.

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