Which Business Directory WordPress Plugins are the Best?

Creating a business directory isn’t that difficult within WordPress. You can easily make this happen with the right plugin for your website. Here’s a look at some of the best free and paid options for your business directory website.

Business Directory Plugin

Business Directory Plugin

A very good free option with the ability to allow you to create a Yellow-Page-type directory with Yelp-type reviews is the Business Directory Plugin. You can do quite a bit with this free plugin and it’s one of the most popular. The comprehensive features make it easy to run a web directory and even offer paid listings.

Simple Directory

Simple Directory

A very quick and easy plugin to use, the Simple Directory plugin allows you to create an address book, local directory or any other type of online directory. It’s free and very easy to use for your WordPress website. You can even customize the directory with plenty of different templates.

GeoDirectory – Ultimate Business Directory


A different type of plugin, the GeoDirectory Plugin will allow you to create a review-type of directory based on the business location. You will be able to create a local directory and you can use the paid extensions to add even more to it.

With the right extensions, you can easily monetize your site with paid listings. You will also be able to create a directory with events and multiple locations

Connections Business Directory

Connections Business Directory

If you want to use a directory plugin to create a staff or church directory the Connections Business Directory plugin is the right one for you. This plugin will also allow you to create a business directory and an address book. It’s simple to use and provides plenty of customizations.

All of these business directory plugins provide a user-friendly choice for your WordPress website. There are many other choices out there, but these are by far the best for WordPress.

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