What’s it Take to Find a Great Reseller Host?

Find a Great Reseller HostHow do you know if a reseller web host is going to be reliable? It’s really important that you do your work with reseller hosts because they may vary in reliability and pricing. Use the internet, reviews, and your personal experience to make a good decision on choosing a reseller web host.

It could be a great way to save money for someone that has web hosting needs and it may work well with a company’s business model but it’s really important to be aware of how a reseller web host’s reputation looks on message boards, forums, and conversation with those who have used them in the past.

The best way to do your research is on social media such as Twitter, talking to experts on the subject, or on industry websites to research a reliable web host. Take a further look at these three principal ways to research reliable web hosts so that you can find a great one.

Using industry websites

One great source of learning about reseller hosts is to go to industry websites to learn more on their forums. You’ll get a better clue as to how different companies function and how they differ. These websites are a great resource to you and the forums offer even better insight on companies.

Check out specialty sites with news on the industry and company reviews so that you can more easily narrow down your options. Forums are a great way to interact with other customers to see if the host they use is reliable or if they’ve encountered problems. Read up on the industry and others’ experiences to help you find a great reseller host.

Using social media

Social MediaA great resource for finding reseller hosts is using social media, specifically Twitter, to get the perspectives of others. It’s a persuasive research tool different from any other search engine tool because you’ll get uncensored feedback from customers of a host you are considering.

It’s also in real-time which means you’ll get quick, sometimes instant, feedback. You’ll get a really good clue from others how a web hosting provider is doing. Be sure to use this information after a few weeks of getting the scoop by reducing the pool of potential web hosts down to just a few, searching the remaining potentials and searching for tweets mentioning their name, and looking at how satisfied customers seem to be so that you can make your decision.

Talking to experts on the topic

ExpertsSometimes you may just want to hear from the experts before making the call. Talking to the experts on the subject to learn what reseller host is right for you. They’ll be able to educate you better on what to look for, who they know is good, and what makes up a great reseller web host. Get the truth from the experts based on their experiences by calling, emailing, or looking for their blog.

Try these resources to find a great reseller host and analyze the data you receive before making your final decision. It’s hard to beat someone’s personal experience or a lot of the same feedback about a host.

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