Should Reseller Hosts Target Local Small Businesses?

Target MarketingWith local business migrating to a global marketplace, internet growth is happening and it’s becoming essential for both the financial and social aspects it offers. Businesses everywhere are recognizing how important the internet has become to growing their brand. Business owners have always marketed to the demographics in various industries that haven’t been sought after yet and it has paid off.

With this widespread success, hosting companies have seen huge success and growth because they are the reason these web servers are able to operate. Due to this achievement, hosting resellers are gaining more opportunities as well. Here is a look at why reseller hosts are targeting local small businesses more than ever.

Local leads are important

Many businesses out there are keeping their products or services off the web. For whatever reason, they aren’t selling their goods online which make them a bit of a hidden local gem to the general public. You probably haven’t done business with them unless you were referred or drove by their business. These local leads are great for reseller hosts because after you’ve found out about them, your job is just so show them what a great opportunity taking their work online would be.

Finding them is the challenge since most businesses already have a website but if you can cross reference a company’s online directory with the phone book and even search engines, you may be able to find them to try to get them to move some of their business online.

Check out the local yellow pages or search on Google and business directories to find companies that you want to talk to about doing business online and creating a company website. Those companies that are hard to find are probably desperately in need of a website and hosting needs.

Trying to pitch to these local leads

Target Local BusinessesOnce you’ve found a few companies that you want to pitch to about obtaining hosting and a company website, you need to come up with a great pitch. Creating a sales pitch to your sold list of leads can be done by setting up a set script with your key selling points. What unique selling points do you have for each company?

If you were to sell to a clothes retailer, create a sales pitch on PowerPoint where you could show them how great their clothes look modeled online, how easy it is to add items to a cart, and how easy it would be for customers around the world to access such unique, local clothing without having to visit the state they are located in. If you were to sell campers, show this company how many forums and blogs are out there full of potential leads of customers that are looking to buy their new camper.

Reseller MarketingSometimes a company just needs to see what the benefit would be to such a huge undertaking and if you can convince them that there are hundreds or thousands of potential customers found online, there may be enough motivation for a company to invest some of their budget and time into buying hosting and maintaining a website. Noticing these opportunities for a company may also impress them because you put in such effort to scope out the market for them.

Use the naivety of companies and your knowledge of the internet when pitching to local companies about acquiring hosting and a company website. They may not realize how much business they are losing out on and you can take the opportunity to educate them, inspire them through your efforts, and make your income as a reseller host in an untapped market.

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