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There are a number of web hosting companies online, however very few of them are reliable web hosts! A host isn’t just a faceless online company that hides behind domain privacy. The best way to test a new host is by searching their site for a telephone number. You would be surprised to find out that 99%+ of all online hosts don’t offer live technical support. Often times you’re lucky to find a telephone number. Here’s a quick how to on selecting a host:

1.) Search the website for a valid telephone number
2.) Place a test call to see if you reach a live person between the hours of midnight and 3am
3.) Give us a Try!

You really need a host that provides 24/7 technical support from real people. You never know when you might experience website issues, require a backup, and the list of possible technical issues goes on. Especially if you’re hosting an ecommerce website. Waiting for hours for your host to respond to a ticket or for them to get into the office could cost you thousands!

Hosting web sites has never been easier.












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