What to Look for When You are Looking for Personal Web Page Hosting

The Major Differences Between Personal Web Page Hosting and Business Hosting
When you are looking for personal web page hosting you have to know that it is much different than business hosting. If you are putting up a website or a blog and your goal is to make money from it, then you are not looking for personal web page hosting. Instead you are looking for business hosing and you must understand the core differences between the two.

The major differences between business hosting and personal web page hosting is the price, reliability and backups. Business hosting that is actually worth your time is not going to be the cheapest website hosting, whereas personal web page hosting can easily be the cheapest website hosting option offered by a hosting company. This option is called shared hosting and it is not always good if you want to make money.

Another one of the differences between the two is the amount of space; domains you can host, and speed you get with the hosting. If you need business hosting, then most likely you are going to want hosting that will allow you to host more domain names and will give you more space and speed than you need for a personal website.

Additionally, a higher level of security is required for business hosting.  If your income depends on your website you should ensure the service is secure  and this means you may need a VPS or dedicated server with an advanced firewall. Shared hosting is pretty secure, however if your business or income is dependent on your website do you really want to risk sharing the resources with other clients and hosting accounts?  That’s the biggest issue with shared hosting, your site is only as secure as the most insecure website on that server. If you need personal hosting you can get by with shared hosting, however business sensitive information should be treated as such.

3 Things to Look For When you Need Personal Web Page Hosting
eye-look-hosting-cheap1. Reliability

When you need personal web page hosting you may not need really advanced hosting as you would if you were trying to make money, but you still want a reliable hosting company to host your website. This means that you have to read the reviews of the top web hosting companies and find out which one has the reputation for being the most reliable.

A reliable hosting company will provide your site with more uptime and when you do have an issue they can fix it much faster. Some hosting companies are not very reliable. If you want to find out about the most reliable web hosting, then read the reviews on ITX Design.

2. Support

Even though you are not trying to make money you do not want hosting with poor customer service and support. What if your website goes down and you have no idea why? This can be very irritating and if you have great support from one of the top web hosting companies, then you can contact them through email, on the phone, or with an online chat option and get help fast.

The best hosting companies can provide you with great support and this is why they make it onto the top 10 hosting lists that are out there. If they cannot provide you with great support you do not want to use them as your personal web page hosting choice

3. Price

You are not trying to make money from your hosting account or website so you certainly don’t need to invest in a VPS or dedicated server. You do not want to spend a large amount of money and it shouldn’t cost you more than $10/month to get the hosting you need. Personal web page hosting is not all that expensive unless you need high security, and in that case you are really looking for a different type of hosting. If you want the cheapest website hosting that is actually good you should consider ITX Design’s shared hosting plans.

Why You might Need a Personal Web Host
When you are trying to put up a website you may need a personal web host to help you with this task. If this website is not for business purposes, then you will be looking for something much different than regular business hosting. This is what is called a personal web host and it can come in many forms.

Blog Hosting

Blog hosting is one form of a personal web host and when you find a good blog host you are going to get many options like WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting and the Fantastico script. These can make it very easy to put up a blog and make it look how you want it to look. Blog hosting is just one type of hosting, but it is very popular because it is so easy to use.

Cheap Hosting for Personal Websites

cheap-hosting-bestThe reason that the cheapest website hosting works so well as a personal web host is simply because you are not trying to make money. If you were trying to make money this would not work as well because you would want many options that cheap web hosting doesn’t provide like nightly backups, redundancy and a detailed disaster recovery plan. However, when you just need a good personal web host you can get by with the cheaper options for your website or blog.

The Top 3 Tips to Help you Find the Best Personal Web Host for You
1. Compare the Top 10 Web Hosts

The first thing you should do is find a list of the top 10 web hosts because many of these will have a great option for blog hosting and for the cheapest website hosting. This means that you can use them as your personal web host and you will get all the options you need. There are many lists out there and ITX Design has been ranked as a top 10 host in several categories!

2. Read the Different Reviews

Once you’ve narrowed down your lists of possible hosts you should spend some time searching for reviews of the company using Google.  This will provide you with several reviews so you can find out how others rate the host in question.

3. Know what you Need

You also should know whether you are looking for blog hosting, basic web hosting, or Windows hosting. There are many types of hosting that you can use for your website or blog and if you are not putting up a site to make money, then you really do not need specialized hosting. You just need the cheapest website hosting you can find from a very good hosting company.

The Last Necessity from a Personal Web Host
The last thing you have to do to make sure you get a good personal web host is you have to test out the support they offer. Great web hosting companies provide reliable hosting and great support. Support is very necessary, especially if you are a beginner, and it will keep you from worrying about your website.

You want to come up with a few questions you can ask the support team through email, online chat, and on the phone. This will give you an idea of how fast they actually respond to you and the quality of their answers as well. You need to know whether they can give you the level of support you need or not and this will separate the good personal web host from the bad.  Always test out support by trying to contact the provider prior to signing up from hosting.  You should be weary if you’re forced to leave a message, wait on hold for too long or if no one replies to your email request.

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