What are the Best Reasons to Sell Ads on a WordPress Site?

WordPress Sell AdsAre you currently selling ads on your WordPress site? It’s one common way to monetize a website but it’s not always the best route for every user. If you need your site to be profitable, there are other solutions to monetize the site. Some people try to do ads and it ends up going horribly.

You don’t want to take away from your site’s content but for those that find a way to do it well, they can bring in a great income to cover the site’s expenses and more. If you want to try ads and see how it goes, make sure you understand the ins and outs of it since it’s a tricky territory. Here is a look at determining the best solution for you and the pros and cons of selling ads on your website.

Why ads can be great

If you decide to try selling ads, it can be really beneficial for a few reasons. Selling advertising will allow you to have control over your income, leverage the site’s traffic, build relationships and evoke professionalism. For starters, you decide how much ad space you want to sell and when.

Sell Ads on WordPressYou can be paid upfront and have it run for a set period of time and you’re not paid on the performance of the ad either. You’re simply renting out space on your website and allowing those that want to try it to renew their contracts as often as you’d both like. This fixed income is tough to beat.

In addition to the income, you are going to appear more professional. Having ads will make you look professional to visitors because they will assume things about your business based on the ads. They will think you have an advertising budget which makes you look more developed as a business, they will notice that people want to advertise on your site and they will think that what you offer is in demand enough to have advertising.

The other great perk to advertising is that you’ll leverage your site’s traffic in addition to products you may sell. It’s a great time to build your email list and diversify your revenue stream. Building relationships is a nice perk when you’re working with advertisers or potential advertisers. Take care of your people so that they will stay with in the long haul. Plus, if you approach someone and offer them a free trial, they may find that it’s beneficial and want to continue business with you.

Why ads are harmful

You will definitely increase your bounce rate with ads. People hate ads and while you may increase your income, people may see ads and decide against looking at your content. An effective ad will cause a visitor to click away from your site. for a newer site, you want all of the visitors you can get and you want them to stay longer than a quick click and another click away. Your bounce rate is really important.

You will definitely reduce your site’s speed and ruin your design to an extent. Running ads will slow down the site and that deters users from stick around to check out your content you worked so hard on. Plus, your design is not going to look attractive when there are ads all over the place.

AdvertisingIt will look tacky to see a bunch of ads on display and it may make you look like you don’t have very high standards as you accept ads from just anybody with money. It may make you look high in demand but it will often show you have bad taste or you’re desperate for cash.

All in all, sites with ads typically don’t perform as well. They do bring in regular, steady income for advertisers that renew their contract with you, but you may consistently be looking for new advertisers and new readers at that.

When you’re scaring away all of your readers that don’t want to deal with your slow site, the tacky design and the advertisements that are too annoying to look past, you’ll always be trying to find a way to get people to want to see your website.

Don’t take the decision lightly; consider if you could somehow balance the look of advertisements, keep your speed up and still make money while not deterring your customer base before you decide to go for it. The location of the ads, the amount you charge, what advertisers you choose and your level of traffic are all of the main factors when it comes to whether or not you should do it.

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