Can you Easily Fix the “This site contains harmful programs” error on your WordPress Site?

If you are seeing an error that says, “this site contains harmful programs” you may be able to fix this issue. You may have been hacked and been marked at insecure by Google. However, where there is a WordPress error, there is a WordPress fix.

Why You Get this Error

Most of the time, this error shows up because you have been hacked by malware. The codes will infect your website and will even spread to your website visitors. Google will market your site and display the warning anytime there may be a Trojan or malware.

Error Message

If your site hasn’t been hacked, you may have low quality ads displaying yon your site. This can cause malicious code to be distributed, which can cause the error to show.

How to Fix this Error in WordPress

If your site is showing this error, you can check it by adding it to the end of this URL:

When you do this, you will find out why the error is happening.

After you know why the error is happening, you want to start by backing up your WordPress site. Once you have done that, you can attempt to remove the malware or whatever is causing the issue.

This isn’t an easy task and often malware will continue to show up until you remove the backdoor that has been put on your site. This is a way for hackers to bypass your authentication and gain access to your site.

The best way to find out if you have been hacked or have malicious code on your website is to use a program, such as Sucuri. This is a program for cleaning up and fixing any infected WordPress site. The program will monitor your site 24/7 and block any hacking attempts. It will also clean any malware found on your site.


Sucuri does come at a cost of $199 per year, but it’s worth it considering you may pay twice that and lose sales if you are infected. There are some free tools you can use, as well, but they are not nearly as effective.

No More Google Warning

After you have fixed your website error, you still need to get rid of the warning Google is showing. This is done in the Google Webmaster Tools. If you add these tools to your website, you can easily see which security issues are found and you can request a new review of your site once they are fixed.

If requesting a review doesn’t work or you are not seeing any warnings from Google, you will need to report an incorrect phishing warning, which can be done here. Once you do this, it should take a few days, but the warning will be removed and you should be back to business as usual.

Incorrect Phishing Warning

When it comes to fixing this specific error in WordPress, the right malware tool can make the difference. Download the right tool, let it do the job and make sure you get the warning from Google removed.

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