What can you Expect in WordPress 4.4?

WordPress 4.4With WordPress constantly updating with awesome improvement, you are probably wondering what to expect for WordPress 4.4. After version 4.3 was released, the momentum was at full speed for developing version 4.4 and it’s finally going to be released in December of 2015. Now you can enjoy great new features and updates like a new default WordPress theme called Twenty Sixteen and better embeds. Here is a look at what to expect for WordPress 4.4.

A new default theme for WordPress

WordPress 4.4 UpdateYou’ve probably noticed the default theme for WordPress has changed every year since 2010 and the tradition continues with version 4.4. The latest default theme is called Twenty Sixteen to celebrate the New Year coming ahead.

The features for Twenty Sixteen will include the traditional blog layout with a side bar and content area, but also a design focused on being readable and elegant. It’s been designed to look great all devices too. Enjoy custom headers, two menu locations for site navigation, social links and unlimited color schemes. You can choose from the five color schemes it comes with too, from Dark to Grey and Red or Yellow.

Improved embeds

You probably knew that you can automatically embed videos, Facebook status updates and Tweets by including the URL in a post. Now the newest version is going to let you add embeds from any site that supports oEmbed including all WordPress sites. Adding a plain URL in a post from another WordPress site will automatically embed as well. You won’t need the plugin that embeds WordPress links as content cards anymore.

Responsive Images Out of the Box

WordPress 4.4 Features

WordPress 4.4 is going to address the issue that many users faced regarding choosing the resolution of their images. When they chose low resolution images to be compatible with difference devices, they looked horrible on a large screen while the higher resolution images looked great yet slowed the page speed way down.

Now, WordPress 4.4 is offering responsive images out of the box so that client’s browsers will display the image based on device capabilities. All of your images from before will benefit from the feature. Enjoy having all of your images, attachment pages and image galleries responsive out of the box to improve page speeds and the user experience.

Lastly, WordPress 4.4 is going to offer improvements that will cause developers to have to adjust a few codes in their products. Be sure to update your Comment Queries, Taxonomy Term Meta Data and WordPress REST API to take advantage of the updates.

These are the excellent improvements you can look forward with WordPress version 4.4

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