The Easiest Way to Create a Job Board Without HTML in WordPress

Have you considered starting a WordPress website with a job board or adding one to your current site? This doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Whether you know how to write HTML code or not, you can create a job board without using any code at all. In this WordPress tutorial we will show you exactly how to create a job board in WordPress.

Using the WP Job Manager Plugin for WordPress

WP Job Manager

The easiest way to create a job board in WordPress is with a plugin. When you download, install and activate the WP Job Manager plugin, you will be able to easily create your board with shortcode. This plugin will work with any WordPress plugin and will provide you with different sections for your job board. It’s very easy to use and even a beginner can integrate it into their website quickly.

After activation, go to the new tab called “Job Listings.” This tab will give you the ability to adjust the settings, create a new page and create your job board with shortcode.


Starting with the “Settings,” you will see two tabs at the top of this page called “Job Listings” and “Job Submission.” The “Job Listings” tab will allow you to set the number of jobs to display per page, hide any filled positions and enable the job categories.


If you want to allow other companies/individuals to post to your job board, you can use the “Job Submission” tab to set this up. This section will allow you to enable account creating, set the role of someone new, set approval requirements, set the length of duration and many other options. If you won’t be allowing other users to post jobs to your job board, you won’t need this section.

Job Types

The “Job Types” section looks much like the category section of your WordPress blog. This section will allow you to name the different categories for your job board. It will show some already named by default.

Job Types

Any of the already named categories can be changed by clicking the “edit” link. You can also add a new job category from the “Add New Job Type” section of this page.

Add New

Add Job Listing

The section you will use to add your job listings is called “Add New.” It looks like the post editor screen and will allow you to add a job title, description, location, company, mark the position as filled and more. This section is very easy to use and you can simply create your job listing. When you’re ready to publish the job to your new job board, just click the “Publish” button, just like you would for a new blog post or page.

All Job Listings

Under the “All Job Listings” section, you will see a list of all the jobs listings you’ve created. This section looks like the “all pages” or “all posts” section of your blog.

All Job Listings

From this screen, you can edit any current job listings, approve them, expire them or delete them for good.


The “Add-Ons” section has a number of different things you can add to the WP Job Manager plugin. From the Indeed Integration to the Resume Manager, there are many tools you can add to spice up your job board from this section of the plugin.


Whether you want to just keep it simple and free or you prefer to make it something incredible, the add-ons can help you achieve your goals.

Adding Job Listings to Your Website

Now that you know the different sections of the plugin, you will need to add the job listings to your actual WordPress website. This is simply done with the shortcode: [jobs]. Put this code anywhere in the content area and your job listings will show up. You will probably want to call the page for this shortcode “Jobs” on your site.

You will also need to create a page called “My Jobs,” which will be your job dashboard. For this page, use the shortcode [job_dashboard]. This page will allow you to show the jobs posted to your board by user.

Finally, you will need to create a page for job submission called “Submit Jobs.” Use the shortcode, [submit_job_form] for this page and you will have a submission form perfect for other users to submit jobs to your job board.

Now you have an easy solution for creating your new job board in WordPress. Whether you just want to be able to list open positions within your company or you want to run a fully integrated job site, you can make it easy with the WP Job Manager plugin from WordPress.

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