Top 7 Tips for Writing Attractive Web Copy to Drive Sales

Web CopyAny good website, whether for a single owner or a company, should provide plenty of benefits for the brand, company or entrepreneur. It should inform the customer of the services or products offer and tell them why you’re better than your competition. Of course, any good website will also draw in plenty of traffic and create sales.

When a website is created properly, it will rank well in search engines, gain exposure on social media and make your company or personal an expert in your field. However, when it’s not properly created, it won’t do any of these things and could actually cause doubt in your potential customer’s mind.

Poor writing, random images and a confusing layout often lead to a failed or less successful website. It doesn’t have to be perfect or earth shattering, but your website has to be properly created and maintained. If not, it won’t provide you with the success you desire. Here are seven excellent tips you can use to write incredible web copy capable of converting visitors into sales.


While it’s important to give your visitors plenty of high quality content, don’t fill it with fluff. Make sure the words you write provide value and Keep It Short and Simple. Get to the point and tell your visitors what they want to hear before they leave.

You have about 3 seconds to grab their attention. Do it with a great headline/title. Then, provide short sentences and short paragraphs. When the paragraphs and sentences are longer, your content looks harder to read.

Always Create Scannable Content

There’s nothing worse than a big blob of text. It looks hard to read and often causes visitors to leave.

You want to create scannable content all the time. Every page and blog post needs to be easy to scan.

Scannable content includes multiple subheadings, bullet points and images to help break up the content. It also includes shorter paragraphs and shorter sentences.

Your reader should be able to find what they’re looking for fast. They shouldn’t have to read every word to find the one point out of five they’re interested in.

Write a Compelling Headline

HeadlinesSome say the headline is the most important part of your content. It has to be written to bring in visitors. Some of the best headlines will:

  • Include numbers, such as 7 Ways to Write Better Blog Posts
  • Solve a problem
  • Provide a benefit
  • Play on popular phrases, such as Why YOLO Doesn’t Mean What You Think
  • Provide something specific
  • Create shock

The headline you create for each blog post or page on your website will make a huge difference. A great headline will bring more visitors and more conversions than an average headline.

Honesty Goes a Long Way

Companies with a very low product return rate, high online reviews and plenty of repeat customers are often the most honest companies you will find. They may not have the lowest price or the best product. However, they get the job done and they’re honest about what they offer.

People respond to honesty and you have to provide honesty within you copy. If you lie or stretch the truth, it will come out sooner or later. Then, it will end up in the online reviews and it will become a part of your reputation.

Focus on the Benefits for the Reader

Your readers really don’t care too much about you, at least at first. They care about how you can help them. Focus your web copy on the benefits you provide for the reader.

A list of features may be nice, but features don’t translate into benefits. Instead of telling the reader your golf ball provides a better dimple pattern, tell them how it will cure their slice or go further because of the dimple pattern.

Use Images

While the written content is vital to the success of your web copy, images are incredibly powerful. An image of how well your product works or the before and after of a service you provide will speak volumes.

Provide a Video

VideoImages and written content are great, but videos give the consumer an actual look at what you provide. If possible, provide a video with a product demonstration or a look at the services you provide.

When you combine well-written, compelling text with the right images and videos, your web copy becomes very powerful. The right web copy will help readers go from mere visitors to customers. Make sure you use these seven tips to make your web copy better.

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